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A discrimination lawsuit against the principal of a Coney Island elementary school compares her to handsome sadist Christian Grey from the steamy trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey. The suit, filed by former assistant principal Andrew Dash, alleges that P.S. 370 principal Susan Goldberg shared nude photos with staff, showed off tattoos and piercings, and discussed her sexual encounters,…

News Grunin in 2012, in a YouTube video in which he shows off a Lamborghini. (Source: Youtube)

A 23-year-old Manhattan Beach resident was ordered to pay Facebook up to $1.4 million for allegedly scamming the social media giant and thumbing his nose at the court proceedings. A San Francisco federal court slapped Martin Grunan with the default judgement after he failed to respond to a lawsuit filed by Facebook, claiming that Grunan tricked…

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Three elderly, disabled Gravesend residents, along with Public Advocate Leticia James, are suing their landlord to block elevator repairs that they say would leave them trapped for months in their high-rise apartment building. Yevgenya Feldman, 90, Konstantin Berezovsky, 83, Lyubov Vaksman, 65, all live on top floors of 49 Bokee Court and suffer from various medical conditions, such…


A Brooklyn court ruled that the city was not responsible for the drowning of a 10-year-old girl in 2008, saying that the city is “not an insurer” of the safety of parkgoers. The case stems from the July 2008 drowning of Akira Johnson, who was swimming with her cousin, also 10, on Coney Island. They…


Litvin gives “pro” legal tips, discussing how the banks are out to rip you off. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is suing a local law firm and its namesake attorney, accusing them of running a fraudulent mortgage rescue scheme that ripped off financially vulnerable homeowners facing foreclosure. The attorney general filed suit in New York County…

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