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(Photo collage by Ray Johnson)

The photo collage above is my artistic reflection of what’s been happening in Sheepshead Bay with electrical poles and lampposts being turned into excessive, permanent, free advertising for businesses.

Sometimes, someone having a garage sale posts signs advertising their yard sale (some have the decency to remove them, later) – but this situation is prolific and outrageous. The offenders we’re talking about here are companies advertising their money-making business, not a not-for-profit agency advertising a community event.

First, there is the moving company that advertises their services for $16 per man, per truck. Something tells me that there are going to be a lot of hidden fees. Someone’s got to pay for the plastering job. Then, there is Adam’s Lounge, whose management must feel that having one sign on every single pole at the corner of Sheepshead Bay Road is good for business. Actually, I’m sure that a lot of people must be saying, “What a dive! Too cheap to pay for advertising. What kind of lounge is that?”

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