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Pizza by the Bay, the only kosher pizzeria near Sheepshead Bay Road, has closed for good, with equipment and furnishings up for auction today.

The business owner said that business has been slow, with not much demand for a kosher eatery in the area. Located at 1730 Jerome Avenue, Pizza by the Bay opened just a year ago, replacing Pizza Cardo. That kosher pizzeria replaced Benny’s Gourmet Pizza in 2011, which was also kosher. It appears all three struggled to find the client base in Sheepshead Bay.

News of the closing came by way of an auction announcement made earlier this week, which we were tipped off to by Robert Fernandez. The auction, which is taking place right now, will clear out everything from the shop, from the pizza ovens and refrigerators, to tables, utensils, pots and pans.

As for the owner, he said he’s excited to be moving on to new business opportunities. He was tight-lipped about his plans, but said he’ll keep us posted. We wish him the best of luck.


Pizza Bagel, the only kosher pizzeria on Avenue U east of Coney Island Avenue, located at 2724 Avenue U, has closed down as new owners renovate the storefront for its rebranding as Kosher Pizza Palace.

Pizza Bagel opened just a handful of years ago, and shuttered its gates in early August. The sign, announcing the management change, went up more recently, and workers were there on Saturday making some improvements to the exterior.

The new restaurant, Kosher Pizza Palace, is a Sheepshead Bay offshoot of the main location in Midwood, at 2916 Avenue M. No word yet on when it will open up.


Just 21 months after replacing another pizzeria at the same location, it appears Pizza Cardo at 1730 Jerome Avenue has itself been replaced, this time by Pizza by the Bay.

We noticed the sign switch earlier this week, but are unsure of when it actually changed hands. Pizza Cardo opened in September 2011, months after the closing of Benny’s Gourmet Pizza.

Both businesses were kosher, and, judging by the certification letter in Pizza by the Bay’s window, so is the new spot. It is the only kosher pizza in the downtown Sheepshead Bay area.

Let us know if you’ve given Pizza by the Bay a try. And best of luck to the new business – more-so than their predecessors, we hope.

Man, has it been a tough week for businesses in the Sheepshead Bay area. First we wrote about Randazzo’s Sandwich Spot closing up after electrical problems proved too frustrating to deal with, then we moved on to Chicken Masters throwing in the towel in the face of mounting government regulations, and then the UPS Store, which called it quits after the parent company wanted to up the stakes on its franchise agreement.

Now, on the other side of the neighborhood, we hear that Blue Mango, a kosher frozen yogurt vendor, has closed down. Located at 929 Kings Highway, a “For Rent” sign went up some time in the past few weeks.

We’re not sure how long Blue Mango has been around – it’s an area we don’t get over to nearly enough – but Yelp reviews for the business go back to 2008.

Good luck to its former owners, and we look forward to seeing what new business will take its place.

THE BITE: I can’t remember the last time I had a calzone. I’m struggling to remember the last time I had one and the only memory that comes back is a date with Dorothy in my senior year in high school. I remember making some fairly crude comments about the calzone. But, hey, they worked. Let’s just say that it was a memorable date.

Back to today. Calzones are and Italian version of stuffed bread. They are made from pizza dough, traditionally stuffed with ricotta and mozzarella cheeses, baked and served with marinara sauce on the side. Many pizza places in the area will add pepperoni or sausages as well. It’s really up to the chef as there are no fixed rules. At Pizza Cardo, 1730 Jerome Avenue, they offer up five different calzones from four cheese to sauteed vegetables. I chose a spinach and mushroom calzone, $8, for my dining experience.
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