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From our friends at the Knights of Columbus Council #126. They write:

Sean Casey’s Animal Rescue located in Brooklyn, New York is a not for profit organization whose endeavor is to aid unfortunate animals in the interest of a higher quality of life. They take in rescued, confiscated, neglected, injured, ill, unmanageable, or otherwise unwanted animals from private owners, zoos, shelters, and other public organizations. These animals are cared for, and/or rehabilitated to the best of their ability and means until which time they can be found healthy, happy homes – whether it be through adoption to qualified candidates or legally released into habitats suitable to the specific species in conjunction with licensed wildlife rehabilitators.

A band performs at last year's Sheepshead Bites birthday party.

We’ve told you before about our event coming up next Friday, June 29, celebrating Sheepshead Bites’ fourth birthday, and, of course, we’ve got that pretty little banner at the top of the page.

But, here we are, reminding you again because we want to make sure you join us. It’s one of our greatest pleasures and privileges to meet our readers, so come on out for the fourth birthday party, have a bite on us and a discounted beer from our friends at the Knights of Columbus.

We’re still hammering out last minute details, but we’ll be announcing the live bands any day now, and, if all goes well, some additional entertainment, too.

Here are the event details:

When: Friday, June 29, at 8:00 p.m. (rain or shine!)
Where: Pier behind the Baron DeKalb – Knights of Columbus, 3000 Emmons Avenue (at Nostrand Avenue)
Price: Free! Though we’re asking for a suggested donation of $10 to help cover costs and replenish our freelancer’s fund, ensuring more great original reporting about the neighborhoods we cover!

We’re also proud to announce Big Apple Sewer & Drain as one of the event’s sponsors. Big Apple is a business born and bred in Sheepshead Bay, whose owners are born and bred in Sheepshead Bay, and which is constantly giving back to Sheepshead Bay through fundraisers and event sponsorships. And to show you I put my money where my mouth is, I’ve used Big Apple’s services in my own home. If you’ve got a plumbing issue, give them a call at (855) CLOG-911 or check out their website.

Local elected officials pledged support to bringing back full B4 bus service and other public transportation improvements to the area at last night’s Sheepshead Bay Transit Town Hall, organized by Sheepshead Bites, Transportation Alternatives, Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz and the Sheepshead Bay – Plumb Beach Civic Association.

More than 50 people turned out for the event to share their experiences with mass transportation in the area, emphatically expressing the community’s desire to restore the B4 to a 24/7 bus line after service cuts in 2010 eliminated the line east of Ocean Parkway on weekends and off-peak hours on weekdays. The Sheepshead Bay – Plumb Beach Civic Association presented elected officials with a petition signed by more than 1,000 people, and when a representative from Transportation Alternatives asked the crowd how many of them were affected by the B4 cuts, every hand in the room went up.

“Over 90 percent of our residents in this community rely on mass transit regularly,” Cymbrowitz said in his opening statements. “Ideas that appear brilliant on paper often fail to deliver in practice. One example? The decision to provide B4 bus service to Knapp Street and Voorhies Avenue during peak periods Monday to Friday, leaving thousands of potential riders without viable mass transit services.”

Keep reading to find out what other concerns and proposals came out of the meeting, and what the next steps will be.

First of all, for all those mommies out there who didn’t catch our Facebook post yesterday: Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you had a terrific one.

Mother’s Day, of course, was not the only event worth celebrating this weekend. On Saturday, May 12, Sheepshead Bites officially turned 4-years-old! Happy birthday to us!

To celebrate, we’re once again throwing ourselves a laid-back, dressed-down birthday party. Oh, and for those Facebook fans, this is the Mystery Event we created.

So what’s the deal? Well, our gracious hosts at the Knights of Columbus – Baron De Kalb have again agreed to let us use their scenic pier and waterfront tap room to have a grand ol’ get-together. And, yes, they’ve also agreed to serve up some brewskis at rock-bottom prices. And, yes, we’ll also serving up some free food (and distributing it much more wisely than last year!).

As for the rest of the details, we’ll be teasing you with bits of info as we get closer to that date.

Oh, the date! I didn’t even mention it, did I?

June 29 at 8:00 p.m., 3000 Emmons Avenue. Suggested donation only $10.

See you there.

More than 300 people came to party on the pier at the Baron DeKalb Knights of Columbus Saturday night, celebrating the third year of Sheepshead Bites and the launch of Bensonhurst Bean, our new Bensonhurst news venture.

Check out our rundown and photo gallery of the event.

The Sheepshead Bay / Plumb Beach Civic Association is meeting tonight. They will be holding elections for their board and will also be discussing issues of concern to Sheepshead Bay and Plumb Beach.

Date: Tuesday, November 2
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Location: Baron DeKalb K of C; 3000 Emmons Avenue
Refreshments will be served

The Sheepshead Bay/Plumb Beach Civic Association is holding its first meeting in many, many months tonight at the Baron DeKalb Knights of Columbus. The group has been on hiatus for quite a while; first for summer recess, and then a cancelled meeting in September because it coincided with a holiday.

SB/PB Civic is the only civic association serving the flagship neighborhood covered by Sheepshead Bites. We encourage all of our readers to attend and get involved, as the civic association’s (and the neighborhood’s) power grows only as the group swells in numbers and diversity. Take action now, and help your community take its rightful place as the premiere hub of Southern Brooklyn!

Date: Tuesday, October 5
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Location: Baron DeKalb K of C; 3000 Emmons Avenue
Refreshments will be served