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THE BITE: Last time we wrote about Jordan’s Lobster Dock, faithful reader Local Broker chastized us for highlighting Buffalo wings. “Why would anyone who wanted wings ever go to Jordan’s in the first place?” he decried. So, in our continued quest to please our readers, this time we take on the seafood by ordering a tuna steak sandwich.

The tuna steak sandwich from Jordan’s Lobster Dock (2771 Knapp Street) is one hefty affair, both in weight and in size. The steak itself measured approximately 1.5″ thick and  about 6″ long by about 5″ wide at its widest. It probably weighed in at a good 1/2 pound. The tuna steak sandwich is available a la carte for $11.99, with traditional French fries for $12.99 or accompanied by sweet potato fries for $13.99. (Hint for takeout: go a la carte  - Jordan’s fries don’t travel well.)

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