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The B1 bus, en route to Kingsborough Community College

THE COMMUTE: More about the anniversary tomorrow, but first an update regarding B1 bus service. Last Monday, I noticed a steady stream of college students, about 30 of them, walking a mile and a half from the Brighton Beach train station to Kingsborough Community College (KCC) a little past 9:00 a.m. I haven’t monitored B1 service in awhile, so I figured it was about time for an update. This past Wednesday, I decided to watch the buses arriving and leaving the station. I intended to get there for the morning peak. I know it gets very crowded just before 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. classes. However, I didn’t arrive until 9:15 a.m. Approximately eight buses left the station, just around 9:00 a.m. All of them were full or at least had a seated load. It seemed like service was running pretty well. I didn’t expect to find too many problems since it was already after 9:00 a.m. What I saw surprised me.

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KCC  (2001 Oriental Boulevard)

Like many institutions in Southern Brooklyn, Kingsborough Community College (2001 Oriental Boulevard), was wrecked by Superstorm Sandy last year. NY1 is reporting how the school has generally fared since the storm, tracking its recovery and progress in the wake of the disaster.

When the winds and waters of Sandy blasted through the area last year, the KCC Maritime Technology area located in Sheepshead Bay was left heavily damaged. While declaring that work still needed to be done, Merchant Marine Captain and Program Director Anthony DiLernia commented on the experience of trying to fix the school, and some of the remaining mess.

“We learned from the storm how to reconfigure our marina. Half the marina was destroyed by the storm,” DiLernia said.

The report noted how  the storm surge battered the campus, heavily damaging the infrastructure and buildings of the college. Despite the damage, the school reopened one week later. NY1 described how getting the school operating again ultimately helped in the recovery process for the faculty, staff and students working at the institution:

The school also went to bat for 2,500 students and faculty members impacted by the storm. Many lost their homes and belongings, including books and computers. The college set up an emergency food and clothing distribution center and started a fundraising campaign to further assist them.

“We were able to raise over $200,000 to provide financial support to these people who were in need,” [Elizabeth] Basile said. “Students can still come and request additional financial support and if it’s needed and we can provide that kind of support we will.”

In case you need a little reminder of what Sandy was like, here’s a video we ran, filmed on the school’s premises (by DiLernia, I believe) as the water came crashing through:

Despite all exhaustive and continuing recovery process, KCC still managed to rank among the best community colleges in the country. In March, we reported on Kingsborough ranking in the top four of community colleges nationwide by the Aspen Institute.


The cast and crew of Law & Order: SVU arrived on the shores of Kingsborough Community College (2001 Oriental Boulevard) yesterday, turning the school into a Coast Guard base – and the site of a murder investigation.

Michael Goldstein, the school’s director of Enrollment Marketing and Public Outreach, tipped us off to the shoot, which used several interior and exterior locations on the campus.

The episode revolves around a murder on a Coast Guard base. It’s not totally implausible – the school used to be a military base and was the location of the Sheepshead Bay Merchant Marine Naval Base in the 1940s. Many of its “T” buildings were once barracks that have been repurposed as classrooms and administrative buildings.

Building on that, Goldstein said the producers put some extra touches to bring the base to life.

“We had about 50 extras dressed in Coast Guard uniforms, two SUV’s with Coast Guard insignias, and they made up the whole college including the North Gate and T-7 building” to look the part, Goldstein said. He added that they built a brig/jail cell as well, as shown in the accompanying photos.

“It’s history repeating itself, from the Sheepshead Bay Merchant Marine Naval Base of the 40′s to today,” he mused.

Most of the show’s star cast members were on hand, including Ice-T, Mariska Hargitay and Dan Florek, and took photos with students and faculty.

I’m just peeved I missed two opportunities: 1) to fulfill my dream of being an extra on SVU and 2) to pitch a new spin-off series, Law & Order: Munch.

Enjoy the photos.

View the photos.

Authorities fished the unconscious body of Vladislav Cheloudko, 41, out of the Rockaway Inlet behind Kingsborough Community College yesterday afternoon, in what appears to be a boating excursion gone bad.

Police arrived at the Manhattan Beach-based school (2001 Oriental Boulevard) at approximately 5:00 p.m. Sunday. He was rushed to Coney Island Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

DNAinfo reports:

Police are investigating Cheloudko’s death, but said it was possible the man had been kayaking or sailing and lost control of his vessel, a spokesman said.

The medical examiner will determine his cause of death.

Cheloudko, a Brooklyn resident, was pulled from the waters behind Kingsborough’s Marine Center. According to News 12, he was unconscious at the time of his removal from the water, and police attempted CPR before transporting him to the hospital.

Daily News reports that he was “found upside down in the waters.”

Photo by Erica Sherman

Photo by Erica Sherman

Kingsborough Community College (2001 Oriental Boulevard) was rewarded with millions of federal dollars today thanks to the efforts of Senator Charles Schumer. According to a press release, Schumer secured $3.8 million for the award-winning institution for the purposes of helping the college continue its mission to train students for the jobs of tomorrow.

This isn’t the first time that KCC has been on the winning end of a financial windfall. In March, we reported that the college was awarded $100,000 by the Aspen Institute after being named the one of the top three community colleges in the nation. The praise also came from the 2012 Digital Community Colleges Survey, which in October, named KCC as one of the top community colleges to implement technology.

Schumer’s release described where the grant money came from:

The grants are part of the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) Grant Program, which promotes skills development and employment opportunities in fields such as advanced manufacturing, transportation and healthcare as well as science, technology, engineering and math careers through partnerships between training providers and local employers.

In his comments, Schumer reflected on the importance of funding institutions like KCC and Laguardia Community College, which also received $3.1 million:

“Training our young people today for the jobs of tomorrow will pave the path to keeping New York City at the top of the heap for generations to come. These grants are a game-changer for Kingsborough Community College and LaGuardia Community College because the funds will now provide much-needed career training programs for our New York City students,” said Schumer. “New York City’s Silicon Alley is in need of individuals who excel in math, science, engineering and technology and I am confident that this $7 million investment will be beneficial to New York’s economy and the future of these students.”


It’s amazing how quickly nature takes its toll on man-made objects. And even more amazing how long it takes to clean it all up.

The photo above was sent to us by Michael Goldstein, director of Enrollment Marketing and Public Outreach at Kingsborough Community College (2001 Oriental Boulevard).

Goldstein said that the vessel sank during Superstorm Sandy and, nearly a year later, has yet to be pulled from the Bay’s muck. In just the past year, algae has sprouted all over it and chunks have rotted away, with barnacles attaching themselves to what remains. It’s also proven quite the home for fish to take refuge in, although they’re not as safe as they think: Goldstein witnessed an unidentified bird dive into the water to scoop its lunch out.

Goldstein wrote to us:

Took this one of a sunken ship from Sandy in Sheepshead bay-by the Kingsborough Marina. You should see the Barnacles all over it. A very small school of fish was swimming in and out of it and a bird brown with a long beak was diving down and chowing on them.

He added that as FEMA money begins pouring in, the school will begin rebuilding the docks destroyed by Sandy soon.

Anyone know of any other boats sunken by Sandy still wallowing in the murky depths of the Bay?

Herbs grown at the urban farm. Source: Urban Farm program via Facebook

Herbs grown at the urban farm. Source: Urban Farm program via Facebook

Today marked the first volunteer day of the fall semester for Kingsborough Community College’s Urban Farm (2001 Oriental Boulevard).

The school opened up its urban farm, growing fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs right here in the community shortly after the launch of its culinary program back in 2010.

The urban farm was opened up to public volunteers, teaching neighbors some green-thumb skills to take home for their home gardening.

The volunteer days will continue to be every Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the semester. Here’s the flier, via the program’s Facebook page:


Sheepshead Bay Library

Sheepshead Bay Library

Kings Bay Library (3650 Nostrand Avenue) and Sheepshead Bay Library (2636 East 14th Street) are among the finalists for the Revson Foundation’s NYC Neighborhood Library Awards. According to a press release, a panel of judges will decide which of the nominated ten libraries will win a $10,000 prize.

The finalists were elected by voters, with over 4,000 New Yorkers participating. Overall, three Brooklyn libraries made it into the top 10, making Brooklyn the most well-represented borough when it comes to libraries in the city. The other Brooklyn library selected was the Macon Library in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

If Kings Bay Library and the Sheepshead Bay Library don’t make it into the top five, they will still receive $5,000 for being included in the top 10. Pretty good. The Revson Foundation’s release included excerpts accounting for each library’s nomination:

  • Kings Bay Library – Sheepshead Bay/Gerritsen Beach/Manhattan Beach (Brooklyn) – “I remember needing help with my resume and two of the employees went out and beyond to help me have the best resume I needed for employment. Well the following week I was hired at St. Lukes Hospital for an L.P.N. position. I am currently attending Kingsborough College and always come back to Kings Bay Library if I need help for anything.”
  • Sheepshead Bay Library – Sheepshead Bay (Brooklyn) – “Last fall I was able to overcome my psychological stress caused by Hurricane Sandy only thanks to Sheepshead Bay Library. Those workshops helped me to come back to myself and get back to my daily routines and reality as a human being.”

Congratulations to the two institutions. Here is hoping they both land in the top five and bring home a big $20,000 from the fine folks at the Revson Foundation.

"The Chorus" (1876) by Edgar Degas. Source: Wikimedia

“The Chorus” (1876) by Edgar Degas. Source: Wikimedia

The Kingsborough Musical Society Chorus, which offers a mixed repertoire of theater, folk, and classical music, is seeking choral singers to perform two free annual concerts on the Kingsborough campus in December and May.

The first rehearsal and audition for new members will be Thursday, September 12.

Under the direction of conductor Mark Mangini, the chorus also performs additional community outreach concerts at various locations throughout the Brooklyn community.

Rehearsals are every Thursday evening at 7:30 p.m. on the Kingsborough College campus, 2001 Oriental Boulevard, in room 8207 on the second floor of the T-8 building. Sight-reading is helpful but not mandatory.

This December 15, the Kingsborough Musical Society Chorus will be performing its annual Holiday Concert.

For information about joining the chorus, call Steve Friedman at (718) 338-9132.

Photo Courtesy Of Kathleen Higgins

Photo Courtesy Of Kathleen Higgins

Who sculpted this masterpiece of sand? Nobody knows, but loyal Sheepshead Bites reader Kathleen Higgins sent us this cool image of a sand castle assembled on the Kingsborough Community College beach.

Kathleen was told that this mighty empire of sand once had intricate steps, walls and other features before the forces of Mother Nature began to take their toll, exactly like Jimi Hendrix predicted all those years ago.

Thanks for the pictures, Kathleen!

Photo Courtesy of Kathleen Higgins

Photo Courtesy of Kathleen Higgins

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