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THE BITE: Yes, that is fried chicken in the picture. Yes, the place is called BBQ Chicken. Yes, I’m confused too.

Olive Original Chicken is marinated, battered and breaded chicken that is deep fried in 100 percent olive oil. The menu claims that the chicken here is prepared using over 30 ingredients, and by “ingredients” I assume they mean spices. Take that Colonel Sanders and your “secret recipe” of 11 herbs & spices!

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Source: Google Maps

Sorry, lovers of greasy fried chicken and unconscionably decadent “sandwiches” – but our closest outlet to the Colonel’s special recipe is now shuttered.

Kentucky Fried Chicken at 2940 Avenue U (off the corner of Nostrand Avenue) closed for good yesterday. A banner hung from the establishment’s roof announcing that the location was permanently closed “due to lease expiration.”

This has us feeling a little bit like Kenny, but maybe a medicinal marijuana shop can open up and we’ll all bounce around on our hoppity-hop balls. Or maybe we’ll begin smuggling some into the neighborhood. Or maybe – well, more like “probably” – we’ll go to Chicken Masters and support a local business.

Yep. We just watched a whole bunch of South Park and got to call it “work.” Jealous much?

Photo by Tina H.