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FINAL UPDATE (3:20 p.m.): Police surrounded a Manhattan Beach apartment building, responding to a call of an emotionally disturbed person who had barricaded himself in the sixth floor apartment he shares with his mother.

After nearly two hours, the man was pulled from the apartment and strapped to a gurney, shouting what appeared to be psychotic ramblings.

“You’ve commited crimes. This place is a federal offense. It has radiation way above the levels…” he shouted, trailing off. As they attempted to put the man into the ambulance, he shouted “Help!” and “I want to go home.”

Police told Sheepshead Bites he was being taken for a psychiatric evaluation. A source added that the man has had similar breakdowns in the past, and is well known to neighbors.

A family friend who said he has known the man since he was 4 years old, noted that “he’s had issues… I just hope he doesn’t end up homeless.”

Sources told Sheepshead Bites that no one was in the apartment with the man, and that he was unarmed. No officers were hurt during the rescue effort, in which officers were on the roof, fire escape and surrounding the building, as well as in several apartment units near the disturbed man’s. An airbag was set up underneath the apartment unit’s window in case he jumped.

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