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THE COMMUTE: Last week in Part 1, I briefly summarized the MTA’s “Looking Ahead: A Context for the Next Twenty Year Needs Assessment” and stated that the MTA’s reaction to changing needs is disappointing.  I stated this because many of the transit problems and problems with the MTA I have highlighted here during the past three…


THE COMMUTE: Most of what the MTA does such as day-to-day operations does not make the news. Keeping the system running each day, as imperfect as it is, is a monumental task and the MTA does not receive enough credit for all the good that it does. In fact, other than MTA workers, few realize the…


THE COMMUTE: In Part 1, with the exception of safety and financing, I reported on the candidates’ positions regarding major transit issues. In this part, we will address financing. Commentary The event was well-attended and the conference was run well, with time limits respected. There were some microphone issues, and the table was barely long…


THE COMMUTE: It is difficult to believe that I have been writing “The Commute” for two years. In my reflections for 2011, which seem like yesterday, I explained what I hope to accomplish in this column. I stated that my primary goal is to make a positive difference by getting people more involved in transportation…


THE COMMUTE: Joe Lhota announced last Wednesday that he would resign the MTA chairmanship at the end of this year. He still has not definitely stated that he will seek the Republican nomination for mayor, but is expected to do so. He assumed the chairmanship less than one year ago after having signed a six-year…


THE COMMUTE: Last week, I wrote that fewer than 50 people showed up at the Brooklyn fare hike hearing, held the same day as the nor’easter, which possibly explains the low turnout. However, how do you also account for the low turnouts in Manhattan, the Bronx and Queens? Approximately 120 people, including myself, attended the Manhattan hearing,…

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