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Cymbrowitz Slams BSA Over Horrible Homecrest Structure

Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz admonished the Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA) for allowing the continued construction on the reviled "Homecrest Tower" (1882 East 12th...

Homecrest Montrosity Will Get Built After All

The Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA) ignored a state judge's plea to re-examine the plans put forward by the shady developer of the...

Horrible Homecrest Tower Might Get Torn Down

A fight that has stretched over seven years might finally be ending as a state judge has ordered the city to re-examine building plans...

The BSA Hates Us; How Do We Stop It?

I'd say "There goes the neighborhood," but the neighborhood came and went so many times that I'm beginning to suspect it's a well-heeled prostitute. Neighbors...