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Fillmore Cares volunteers canvass the bungalow colonies on Emmons Avenue.

Sure, Occupy Sandy has now discovered Sheepshead Bay, and is making the rounds in the bungalow colonies and co-ops along Emmons Avenue while residents still wait to see FEMA or Red Cross in the neighborhood. But before they were there, Fillmore Cares, a volunteer group organized by Fillmore Real Estate, mobilized to give residents some much-needed help.

Brooklyn’s largest real estate company, headquartered here in Sheepshead Bay at 2990 Avenue U, turned on a dime in the hours after Hurricane Sandy devastated the community. They went from corporate headquarters to volunteer central, raising money, recruiting help and rapidly deploying a website to help coordinate efforts.

Initially, the organization focused on the hardest hit areas, like Breezy Point, Seagate and Staten Island. But with deep roots in Sheepshead Bay, they wanted to ensure that at least some of their resources went to neighbors.

After hitting a wall when they tried to find out what areas of Sheepshead Bay needed help, they turned to Sheepshead Bites. We had been trying to find a group to canvass Emmons Avenue, making visits to neighbors and delivering goods. When Fillmore called, we sent them that way.

Here’s what one of the group’s organizers (and Fillmore’s director of Business Development and Technology) Zane Burnett had to say after their first day of canvassing Emmons Avenue last week:

I was shocked by the amount of people who hadn’t been reach out to. One woman, who is immobile, told us that she hadn’t had a hot meal since the storm. We were the first person who actually knocked on her door to check on her.

Another woman told us that her neighbors, an elderly couple, slept without heat in the same room every night huddled up next to one another, waiting for someone to come and turn their heat back on. 3 nights ago, the elderly gentleman died of a heart attack.

The stories go on and on, and the good news is that we were able to write down the needs of 16 families who were still in their home and said they needed aid. Half of them were elderly. All of them said that no one had come by asking if they needed anything.

… Really man, I’ve been going crazy in Breezy and Coney Island for the last week and I had no idea ShBay has received such little attention. A couple of houses in the Courts have burned down due to electrical problems. Thank you for letting me know about it… we hope to get to everyone else tomorrow.

The group is still operating in the area, and now that other organizations, like Occupy Sandy and COJECO have started to become active in the area, Fillmore Cares is collaborating to prevent duplicating effort.

Fillmore Cares still needs volunteers above all else, so sign up at their website. They’re also accepting donations, and, if you’re a victim, you can request aid there as well.

In the meantime, our sincerest thanks to Fillmore Real Estate, Fillmore Cares, Zane Burnett, Fillmore President John Reinhardt and all the volunteers who’ve been helping out.

Embattled State Senator Carl Kruger may be hinting to colleagues that his days are numbered, setting off a whole new round of speculation about contenders for the power broker’s seat.

Authorities charged Kruger with accepting more than $1 million in bribes in March, revealing a 53-page criminal complaint that captured the personal and political life of the local leader in unusual detail. Contenders began emerging early on, and other pols moved quickly to scrub themselves of his money. But it didn’t look like Kruger was going anywhere. He pleaded not guilty, and, with enough party loyalty behind him, looked like he would keep his seat until he was either behind bars or voted out – which could keep him in power for years.

But now the Daily News’ political blog is reporting that he’s privately admitting to colleagues that he won’t run for reelection and may even resign, and one of our local councilmen is eyeing the seat.

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Al Pacino in Sheepshead Bay

Sheepshead Bay was seeing stars once again this past Tuesday when Al Pacino and John Goodman returned to film a few more shots for their film You Don’t Know Jack on Batchelder Street and Avenue U. I ran out to get a few photos, but didn’t get anything more than a shot of Tony Montana himself walking away from me.

However, our good friends at Fillmore Real Estate headquarters, where the scene was being filmed, sent us a few inside photos of the stars and gave us some backstory about what’s going on there. According to Fillmore broker Howard Witz, the office has been converted into a replica of the law offices and campaign headquarters of Geoffrey Feiger (played by Danny Huston), who represented Kevorkian. Fillmore Real Estate CEO/President John Reinhardt is also making a quick cameo in the film, as an attorney going about his work.

Reinhardt was invited to lunch with the director and stars, a tale recounted on Fillmore’s blog:

On having lunch with the film’s director,  Barry Levinson (Rainman, The Natural, Sleepers, Wag The Dog…) and crew, John said: “As lunchtime was approaching, Barry and the crew were asking me for suggestions on where to eat. I let them know of all the great places in the neighborhood: Brennan and Carr, Randazzo’s, and the new pizzeria across the street, Del Corso. ”

Ultimately, he was invited to eat lunch with them. “At first, I was sitting at the table and they all seemed to be a bit stand-offish,” said John Reinhardt. “I’m assuming it was because I was the only person at the table who wasn’t in show business. After about five minutes, though, somebody mentioned the real estate market. Before I knew it, everyone was asking me for tips on home-buying. It was great!”

Witz says that filming will wrap up tomorrow, and we’ve also heard that there are signs around Michael’s Restaurant on Nostrand Avenue and Avenue P indicating a shoot there tomorrow.

Below is a collection of photos from Witz and a few of the outside by me. Don’t forget to check out Fillmore’s blog, which has a ton more photos.