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(Image courtesy of the NYC Department of Education website)

UPDATE: Please see our post dated July 8, 2009 for an update about the meeting agenda: Brooklyn Dreams Charter School Not Seeking Public Space

Education Notes Online, a blog dedicated to issues in public education, reports that the Brooklyn Dreams Charter School is looking to set up shop at Shellbank Junior High School (J.H.S. 14).

The Brooklyn Dreams Charter School has managed to stay just under the controversy radar, compared to the Hebrew Language Academy Charter School (HLA), when it tried to take over classroom space at the Marine Park Junior High School (J.H.S. 278). It seemed as if every parent in the district showed up at the HLA public hearing. With so many area residents voicing their outrage at the HLA’s planned invasion, the Department of Education (NYC DOE) had no choice but to ask the charter school to find a different building.

Now, the Brooklyn Dreams Charter School is threatening to move in on Shell Bank when parents and school children are on summer vacation. One commenter to the article on Education Notes Online says:

I have every intention of attending this meeting but I doubt that the hordes that attended the I.S. 278 hearing will appear here. The DOE very sneakily planned it for a time when many families are on vacation or otherwise occupied.

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