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Opponents of the proposed Jamaica Bay gas pipeline have crafted another petition to showcase their disdain for the plans, following the U.S. Senate’s approval of the pipeline proposal. Barbara Pearson, a Floyd Bennett Field Gardens Association member, helped write the petition, which she hopes will convince President Barack Obama to veto H.R. 2606, the legislation that will…

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We reported on Monday about the United States Senate giving the green light to H.R. 2606, clearing one of the last major hurdles to the installation of a natural gas pipeline underneath Jamaica Bay, complete with a metering station within the historic hangars at Floyd Bennett Field. The plan’s opponents, the Coalition Against the Rockaway…

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The Jamaica Bay Natural Gas Pipeline is nearly a done deal. Legislation permitting the construction of the pipeline has passed the U.S. Senate, removing one of the last major roadblocks to its construction. Mayor Michael Bloomberg released this statement following the news that the H.R.2606 plan will move forward: The legislation passed this morning in the U.S. Senate is not…

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We’ve been covering the development and ramifications of the proposed Jamaica Bay Natural Gas Pipeline since this past April, and it seems that the New York Times has finally picked up on the story as well. The Times’ Stuart Miller summarizes the history of the pipeline’s almost clandestine construction and development process. The deal for…

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The Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company (TRANSCO), recently issued a required document in which they addressed concerns about the proposed Rockaway Delivery Lateral Project, commonly known as the Jamaica Bay natural gas pipeline. Those disturbed by the project, which involves the development of a natural gas pipeline through Jamiaca Bay and Floyd Bennett Field, submitted…

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