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Pizza by the Bay, the only kosher pizzeria near Sheepshead Bay Road, has closed for good, with equipment and furnishings up for auction today.

The business owner said that business has been slow, with not much demand for a kosher eatery in the area. Located at 1730 Jerome Avenue, Pizza by the Bay opened just a year ago, replacing Pizza Cardo. That kosher pizzeria replaced Benny’s Gourmet Pizza in 2011, which was also kosher. It appears all three struggled to find the client base in Sheepshead Bay.

News of the closing came by way of an auction announcement made earlier this week, which we were tipped off to by Robert Fernandez. The auction, which is taking place right now, will clear out everything from the shop, from the pizza ovens and refrigerators, to tables, utensils, pots and pans.

As for the owner, he said he’s excited to be moving on to new business opportunities. He was tight-lipped about his plans, but said he’ll keep us posted. We wish him the best of luck.


Photo by Erica Sherman

Merin Corsetiere, the long-lived women’s apparel business, is set to close soon according to signs posted in the window.

The business, located at 1629 Jerome Avenue, just off Sheepshead Bay Road, posted the signs late last week. We can’t recall how long it has been there – which is usually a strong indicator that it’s been there quite some time (at least 15 years, I’d say).

Everything is half price, so go shop your hearts out.

And to the owners, best of luck with whatever they choose to do next.


Bill Brown Square just got a whole lot browner.

One of only two green spaces near Sheepshead Bay Road has had all of the green plucked from it. Bill Brown Square, named after the World War I hero who made the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefields of France,  boasted a tree and several sizable shrubs until recently.

But now the square, which is located at Jerome Avenue and East 17th Street and is also home to a plaque honoring football legend and Bay native Vince Lombardi among other notables, is almost entirely barren. Parks Department officials removed all but two dying shrubs from the square in the past week or so.

According to a Parks Department employee, the greenstreet was flooded during Superstorm Sandy, killing the spruce tree and several shrubs at the site. The agency told Sheepshead Bites that they plan to replant the area in the spring, using salt tolerant shrubs.

We’re looking forward to it. Perhaps we can even get a nice new spruce to decorate when the holidays come around.


Several readers got in touch this morning to let us know that the FDNY had blocked off Jerome Avenue at East 17th Street.

Authorities arrived at approximately 8:20 a.m. and began to investigate a barrel left on the sidewalk, adjacent to the bank.

“It looks like they were investigating a  black oil drum that was standing on Jerome. The East 17 approach and Jerome were blocked off but people were still allowed to walk through,” said Gene, a Sheepshead Bites tipster. “They were gently tapping on it and kind of just poking around.”

The streets have since reopened. We have sent out a request for information to the FDNY and will update this post if we hear back.


Just 21 months after replacing another pizzeria at the same location, it appears Pizza Cardo at 1730 Jerome Avenue has itself been replaced, this time by Pizza by the Bay.

We noticed the sign switch earlier this week, but are unsure of when it actually changed hands. Pizza Cardo opened in September 2011, months after the closing of Benny’s Gourmet Pizza.

Both businesses were kosher, and, judging by the certification letter in Pizza by the Bay’s window, so is the new spot. It is the only kosher pizza in the downtown Sheepshead Bay area.

Let us know if you’ve given Pizza by the Bay a try. And best of luck to the new business – more-so than their predecessors, we hope.

Muni-Meters across the Sandy-damaged areas have been removed and replaced with traffic cones.

ONLY ON SHEEPSHEAD BITES: The Department of Transportation cut down and removed dozens of Muni-Meter machines this week. But instead of suspending parking regulations on affected streets, the agency is asking residents to walk several blocks to the nearest meter and pay.

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Photo Curtesy of Katherine V.

When it snows every year, we LOVE when our readers send us pictures of the neighborhood covered in all that fun white fluffy stuff. Well, last weekend it snowed, barely, and the lovely Katherine V. was the only one who sent in a picture documenting the unforgettable events of “Blizzard ’13.”

I love this scrappy little snowman. He is filled with all the emotion that Mother Nature’s recent light dusting was capable of mustering. The only thing he needs is a name…any ideas?

Thick clouds of black smoke billowed through a Sheepshead Bay Road building this afternoon, forcing the evacuation of Dynasty Sports (1612 Sheepshead Bay Road) and Forces of Nature (1614 Sheepshead Bay Road).

Firefighters rushed to the scene following a 4:00 p.m. call that Dynasty Sports was filling with smoke.

According to the employee who made the call, she and her colleagues were cleaning the store when they began to notice a strong stench coming from the back room.

“It seemed like nothing, but when they opened the door there was a big fire in there,” the employee said.

The room was used as storage, and was filled to the ceiling with garbage bags of shoes and other products, employees said.

“There was a wire, I don’t know, I guess it was a little broken, and it was touching the garbage bags and it started to burn, I guess,” said the 911 caller.

The smoke filled the storefront, then spread to a handful of apartments on the building’s upper levels and to Forces of Nature next door, forcing an evacuation. As firefighters wrapped up their response, residents of the upper floor gathered items to spend the night elsewhere.

Firefighters on the scene did not say what caused the fire, but noted that no one was hurt.

Sheepshead Bay Road south of Jerome Avenue, and part of Jerome Avenue itself, was closed to traffic for nearly an hour as part of the response.

View photos of the FDNY’s response.

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection shut down Jerome Avenue between East 17th Street and East 18th Street today, as crews worked to repair a broken sewage line.

The line backed up, according to a worker on the scene, spurring them to open the fire hydrant and empty the pipes. The street is covered with water and “heavy grease,” according to the DEP worker.

Repairs should be completed and the roadway opened by approximately 5:00 p.m.

An amateur rendering of Sheepshead Bay's own 90-year-old Dr. Cliff Cohen. Drawing by Erica Sherman (who is lefty and drew this with her right-handed mouse, so don't judge)

Ninety-year-old Mill Basin doctor Clifford Cohen, who maintains a practice at 3043 Ocean Avenue between Voorhies Avenue and Jerome Avenue, has been given his own second lease on life.

Daily News reports that the affable-looking doctor of internal medicine, who has been practicing medicine “since Harry Truman was president” (1945-1953), has returned to his patients in his Sheepshead Bay office after a non-invasive heart operation late last year.

Without any of the trauma of the more commonly performed open heart surgery, Cohen — whose first sign of trouble was a fainting episode due to atrial fibrillation while rushing after a meter maid in an effort to have her not ticket his car — not only had a heart valve implanted in a ground-breaking procedure, but he was able to walk around in a matter of hours, and return home a mere five days later.

According to NYDN:

Four weeks after the November surgery at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia, Dr. Cohen returned to work.

He’s driving a car again. When spring comes, he plans to play golf with his wife Lillian.

Before the procedure, the septuagenarian was considered “too elderly and too sick” for open heart surgery, so doctors Martin Leon, Susheel Kodali and Mathew Williams performed the implant technique at Vivian and Seymour Milstein Family Heart Center in Washington Heights, just two days after the FDA okayed its commercial use.

Given all his years of practice, Cohen is a physician in good standing. A cursory check reveals that he is a “HealthGrades Recognized Doctor,” which means that he is in an elite group of practitioners of medicine who are:

  • Board certified in the specialty they practice
  • Have never had their license restricted/revoked
  • Free of state or federal disciplinary actions, and
  • Free of any malpractice claims

And, while another daughter, 61-year-old Barbara Waldorf says that Cohen “has a joie de vivre” and is “young beyond his years,” it nevertheless did not escape our notice that the esteemed physician is still driving a car, which — given Saturday’s nearly deadly accident, in which a reportedly elderly man approximately 10 years Dr. Cohen’s junior jumped a curb in Brighton Beach and mowed down at least four people — concerned us… just a little.

But, hey, I hear 90 is the new 30, so what do I know?

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