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THE COMMUTE (Special Edition): Since I have been writing The Commute, I really haven’t said anything really bad about Jay Walder. In fact, I have complimented him several times. I gave him credit for being the first MTA Chairman to admit that the MTA could be doing a better job managing its money and eliminating waste.…


You know the scene. You’ve been there. You hop on the train at Sheepshead Bay Road. A few stops down the line, someone gets on with some crappy Chinese food. Or ketchup-drowned french fries. Or curry. Or, hell, spaghetti – because why the heck not? Does that odor bother you? It’s going to be one……


After the December 26 blizzard, I doubted blame some put on the MTA regarding the non-existent bus service. I blamed it all on the Sanitation Department and the uncleared snow. Apparently, that was incorrect; there is enough guilt to go around.