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“This MTA budget not only lacks accountability, but is also most certainly not elementary, my dear Dr. Watson!” Source: The Gentleman Blog

THE COMMUTE: This can only happen in government. Governor Andrew Cuomo announces that he is making $358 million more available for the MTA in next year’s operating budget. The following week, the MTA announces it is deciding how to spend the new $40 million it will be receiving, while other analysts are claiming the amount is closer to $20 million. Just as the governor’s “new” money can disappear in only one week, so can the additional monies raised by a fare increase. Is it any wonder why transit riders and taxpayers are so frustrated?

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THE COMMUTE (Special Edition): Since I have been writing The Commute, I really haven’t said anything really bad about Jay Walder. In fact, I have complimented him several times. I gave him credit for being the first MTA Chairman to admit that the MTA could be doing a better job managing its money and eliminating waste. I have also given him credit for attending some of the public hearings last year for the massive service cuts he instituted due to Albany stealing dedicated funds for mass transit. He was sensitive to the concerns he heard and vowed that these would be the last major service cuts.

But now that he will be leaving, none of his promises matter anymore. If you want to read about Walder’s accomplishments during his short tenure, you have come to the wrong place. You can read about the money he saved, the new projects he initiated, and the reactions to his departure elsewhere. Ben Kabak at wrote a fine summary.

Now that he will be leaving, he’s shown his true colors. His promises no longer matter, and he has betrayed us.

Find out how.

You know the scene. You’ve been there. You hop on the train at Sheepshead Bay Road. A few stops down the line, someone gets on with some crappy Chinese food. Or ketchup-drowned french fries. Or curry. Or, hell, spaghetti - because why the heck not?

Does that odor bother you? It’s going to be one… long… ride…

And that’s got some asking, “Should food be banned on the subway? ”

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MTA Chairman Jay Walder says he's preparing a full accounting of the problems with the blizzard.

That's such a mean photo for the Daily News to run. (Source:

After the December 26 blizzard, I doubted blame some put on the MTA regarding the non-existent bus service. I blamed it all on the Sanitation Department and the uncleared snow. Apparently, that was incorrect; there is enough guilt to go around.

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