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It’s been many, many months since Mitoushi Japanese Fusion closed its doors and began construction to expand into the next door storefront.

So many months, in fact, we kind of lost track of just how long it has been, and even began wondering if they were done for good.

At long last, the scaffolding around the 1714 Sheepshead Bay Road storefront has been removed, and the new signage and glass windows are on display.

A big banner hanging across one of the windows says that it will open soon, and an employee told us last week that he expected it to be open some time next week.

The storefront it’s moving into was once the GNC store. That business has moved over a spot, taking over a MetroPCS location that did not reopen after Superstorm Sandy.


So this is what I stumbled across on my walk to the coffee shop this morning, a putrid stream of slop and waste stretching a quarter of a block long, and filling the air with rancid scent.

The mess is in front of Chikurin, at 1702 Avenue Z. Unfortunately, I can’t say it’s the first time I’ve seen this. Over the past few weeks, there have been at least three instances of spilled waste, including a full bucket of grease knocked over into the tree bed, poisoning the soil, and creating a foul smell on one of the hottest days of the summer.

All businesses are required to hire their own private carting companies to haul off trash. Some hire better ones than others, and it appears Chikurin’s carter is skirting the strict regulations imposed on them by the Business Integrity Commission that require them to have proper seals and other measures installed on trucks to prevent such spillage.

Sheepshead Bites has had success in the past getting such careless carters fined, such as an incident last year, when a carting company had a broken seal that caused rotting produce and other waste to pour out on East 17th Street near Avenue Y. After surveillance video showing the carting company spill the waste was sent to the commission, they issued several thousands of dollars in fines.

Now we’ve informed the Business Integrity Commission of the latest incident. According to their database, updated quarterly, the carting company responsible is Viking Sanitation. However, a legally required decal on the window at Chikurin indicates only that American By-Products Recyclers is the waste carter – although a phone call to that company confirmed that they only pick up grease and cooking oil, not garbage. Many restaurants have two carters, one for garbage and one for grease, and they’re required to have decals for both. Here’s the lone decal:


The Business Integrity Commission is looking into the matter, and we hope to have an update soon.


A local entrepreneur is making a bet: Sheepshead Bay needs more sushi joints. So he’s opening Ocean Style Japanese Restaurant at 2971 Ocean Avenue.

It replaces Cafe Apple Grill, which opened in spring of 2012 and lasted less than a year before closing. Apple Grill itself replaced Chipp Pizzeria, co-owned by a former star of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice. Chipp closed in October 2011 after only seven months in operation.

So what do you think, can Sheepshead Bay take another sushi restaurant? Like we said, the owner bets it will. When we asked about advertising, he declined. “Russians eat sushi,” he said. “They find me.”

That, dear readers, is a business plan.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Ocean Style, and good luck.

Momoyama, the Japanese hibachi joint inside the hard-hit Lundy’s building at 1901 Emmons Avenue, only just began their cleanup efforts on Friday.

When we stopped by, workers were there getting wooden boards up to secure the location, after Sandy’s flood waters battered the door. Like other establishments in Lundy’s ground level, Momoyama received upwards of six feet of water.

And it shows.

The restaurant’s table-sized grills, where so many of us have gathered for high school friends’ birthdays, were flipped and rusting on the floor, and chairs were scattered about. Although the water drained, it still had the musty-meets-salt-water smell we’ve gotten used to around here.

On the upside? The birthday drum on the wall seems to have survived unscathed. When they get back on their feet, we’ll be sure to visit and pretend it’s our birthday.

Source: NYScanner via Twitter

A Smart car serving as a delivery vehicle for Sushi Tokyo flipped over on East 12th Street and Avenue N.

It’s not immediately clear what caused the vehicle to flip over, but firefighters responded to the scene to help get the car right side up. There were no serious injuries reported, according to NYScanner, a police buff on Twitter who posted the photo above.

Sushi Tokyo is located nearby, at 1360 Coney Island Avenue.

Remember that contest we told you about, in which a soon-to-open sushi joint at an unspecified address on Gravesend Neck Road wanted your to help name their restaurant? Well, that restaurant has found a name – and it wasn’t any of your suggestions.

After receiving 33 submissions, the owners decided they all stunk, and so went with Sushi Mikasa, named after the Japanese battleship and, like, 500,000 other sushi joints.

Anyway, according to their liquor license application, Mikasa is opening at 1188 Gravesend Neck Road, the former site of Beer Saloon, which closed sometime in October or early November. We stopped by yesterday and the interior is being completely redone, with workers saying it’ll be at least a month until they’re finished.

Please insert obligatory humorous reference to the multitude of sushi restaurants here.

I really hope all the waiters dress like this. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

We received an e-mail from reader Karol M. yesterday, letting us know that she’s got a buddy planning on opening a new sushi joint in Sheepshead Bay, an area, as we all know, that is deprived of sushi joints.

There may currently be seven sushi restaurants in a two-block radius of Sheepshead Bay Road, but we can always use another, right? Well, before I get my snark on too strongly, Karol tells us that, firstly, it’ll be on Gravesend Neck Road, and, secondly, they’re planning a bit of a twist:

The decor of the restaurant will be giant black and white samurai photos and TVs playing kung-fu flicks–so think, y’know, Japanese with a dash of kitsch. It’s seeking to be the first upscale sushi establishment in an area known for 50% off sushi spots.

The first upscale sushi establishment in Sheepshead Bay! Thank goodness!

Wait, wasn’t that Mambo Sushi’s strategy when they opened up on Emmons Avenue? That worked well.

But apparently this unnamed sushi place has an ace up its sleeve: Karol said they’re bringing in a former chef from the Upper East Side’s Sushi Seki, a “favorite of chefs like Eric Ripert, Daniel Boulud, and Jean-Georges Vongerichten,” according to Serious Eats.

Making things more interesting, the owner is holding a contest to name the establishment. Karol is asking Sheepshead Bites readers to head over to her blog and leave suggestions in the comments. The winner will be given a free omakase dinner for two, tax included. Contest ends November 30 at 5:00 p.m. After leaving a suggestion, make sure to head back here and let us know what you recommended!

And, while I can’t help but be snarky at the suggestion that Sheepshead Bay needs a new sushi option, we wish the best of luck to the new endeavor.

Welcome back to The Bite, Sheepshead Bites’ weekly column where we explore the foodstuffs of Sheepshead Bay. Each week we check out a different offering from one of the many restaurants, delis, food carts, bakeries, butchers, fish mongers, or grocers in our neighborhood. If it’s edible, we’ll take a bite.

Astute readers of The Bite will remember that I stated that “I don’t eat at sushi restaurants.” Well, this episode of The Bite will be the exception that proves the rule. Welcome to Kawaii Japanese Restaurant (2706 Avenue U), where I take on beef negimaki.

Beef negimaki – or grilled beef wrapped around blanched scallions and seasoned with a sweet Teriyaki sauce – is one of my go to meals in a Japanese restaurant.

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