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Source: Flickr / Don Hankins

BETWEEN THE LINES: With technology continuing to progress at a steady clip, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies regularly alert the public about a parallel surge of electronic crimes related to computers, handheld gadgets and the internet, such as identity theft and phishing (fishing for personal information via suspicious emails).

In recent years, the number of identity theft incidents, due to the annual increase in E-filing of tax returns, has jumped during tax season and has reached new levels in 2012. Last year, the IRS reported more than 260,000 suspicious returns totaling more than $1.4 billion, which was discovered before it reached the wrong taxpayers. This year, so far, two million returns have been flagged for investigation.

In a nationwide crackdown, the IRS stepped up suspected identity thefts as the tax season began in January and said it investigated more than 100 people in 23 states.

Even so, the crime persists. Regrettably, I found out first-hand.

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plants growing on tracks 2

The plant above was seen growing on the Sheepshead Bay station, close to the platform.

plants growing sb tracks 1The plant stalks pictured to the side, though a little difficult to see is believed to be the same as the one above — except that the one above is more of a trailing vine.

The leaves look similar to pumpkin plant leaves, so could this be the growth from pumpkin seeds thrown from the subway cars by people who can’t wait for the garbage can? Or, is it a type of squash?

Are there any gardeners who might be able to identify this plant, or will we have to wait for the next harvest to check its yield?