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A new burger joint named My House is now serving up hot ground beef patties at 1650 Sheepshead Bay Road.

Signage for the store went up last week, and they opened the doors to the public this week. The owner, a partner in Yooberry Frozen Yogurt at 1501 Sheepshead Bay Road, said they’re still fixing up the storefront but were eager to get food in the hands of a hungry clientele.

“It’s almost done. We have to do a few more touch-ups, but because of the weather everyone has rescheduled. But right now it’s open to the public,” the owner said.

The storefront was most recently occupied by Ichiko Sushi, which opened in 2010 and never reopened after Superstorm Sandy. It’s also the first time in nearly two decades that the location will not be a sushi joint, having been home to the strip’s first sushi restaurant, Sakura, for many years.

The future site of Chikurin

There will soon be one less sushi restaurant dotting the two-block stretch of Sheepshead Bay Road, aka, “Sushi Row,” between Jerome Avenue and Shore Parkway.

Chikurin, currently located at 1661 Sheepshead Bay Road, is moving out, but before we shout “domo arigato” (to the ubiquitous sushi eateries — not to Chikurin itself), it turns out that, according to their liquor license application, they’re only relocating around the corner to 1702 Avenue Z.

Yes, that 1702 Avenue Z.

Chikurin, we believe, is the longest continuously operating sushi joint on Sheepshead Bay Road; though the storefront that is now Ichiko, 1650 Sheepshead Bay Road, and which was previously Sakura I (whose antiquated signage is still visible on Google Maps) and then Sakura II, has been serving sushi in that location longer, but they changed owners, names and menus.

What can I say? It’s all so confusing. In either event, we wish Chikurin an easy move, and much success in their new location.

This was posted up yesterday on the newly-installed doors of Ichiko Sushi at 1650 Sheepshead Bay Road. It says, “Tomorrow – We are OPEN!!!”

I guess that makes today…

Hey, anyone want to grab lunch with me and give these guys a go?

Looks like we spoke too soon when we wrote two weeks ago that 1650 Sheepshead Bay Road was done with sushi. Way back then, Sakura II had closed down and, after some decay, the signage was removed. We were thinking, “Hey, that looks like a fantastic location for a cell phone shop!” But no, we’re getting Ichiko Sushi. I wonder if they’ll have half-price rolls.