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Source: Dan Hendrick via Twitter

The weather has been crazy lately. Yesterday, it was almost 60 degrees. Just a few days ago, we were enjoying the slightly cooler pleasures of 10 degree weather. Our buddy and Jamaica Bay Lives documentary filmmaker Dan Hendrick tweeted us this incredible photo of Jamaica Bay frozen over near completely. Dan let us know that the Bay has not been this frozen in years. Pretty incredible; thanks for the great photo, Dan.

Photo Curtesy of Katherine V.

When it snows every year, we LOVE when our readers send us pictures of the neighborhood covered in all that fun white fluffy stuff. Well, last weekend it snowed, barely, and the lovely Katherine V. was the only one who sent in a picture documenting the unforgettable events of “Blizzard ’13.”

I love this scrappy little snowman. He is filled with all the emotion that Mother Nature’s recent light dusting was capable of mustering. The only thing he needs is a name…any ideas?