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On a scale never before attempted in New York City, hundreds of Hurricane Sandy-damaged homes in Brooklyn and Queens are set for bulldozing, including homes in Gerritsen Beach, according to a report by The New York Times. The homes slated for destruction, numbering close to 200, were deemed a danger to public safety due to…

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Almost every house on the three-block stretch of Corbin Place looks like the houses next to this garish monster. Then there’s this. When we first brought you photos of the construction at 153 Corbin Place, we told you to blame the city for its weak zoning laws (which this house may be in violation of, as…

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Here it is, the middle of the night. I was having a dream of owning a house in Sheepshead Bay. I read and reread the paragraph: Now onto the lowest priced sales listings. For $42,810, you could get 1,224 square feet (3 bedrooms/3 bathrooms) at 2552 E. 19th St. in Sheepshead Bay. The brick house…