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New York City’s Rapid Repairs program, launched to help rebuild homes thrashed by Superstorm Sandy, has been abandoning local Sheepshead Bay and Gerritsen Beach residents, according to a report in the New York Daily News. As we’ve previously reported, NYC’s Rapid Repairs program – launched by Bloomberg’s office two weeks after Sandy steamrolled the city…


If Hurricane Sandy damaged your home, you may receive assistance rebuilding or repairing your home with the launch of the NYC Rapid Repair Program. City officials established the program, beginning tomorrow, which will assist those hardest hit by Sandy to repair their homes and restore power in a streamlined manner. Contractors, plumbers, and electricians will canvass…

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Almost every house on the three-block stretch of Corbin Place looks like the houses next to this garish monster. Then there’s this. When we first brought you photos of the construction at 153 Corbin Place, we told you to blame the city for its weak zoning laws (which this house may be in violation of, as…