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Business 1320 Bowery Street (Source: Google Maps)

The four-year-old food-focused spinoff of Brooklyn Flea, Smorgasburg, is coming to Coney Island this summer. Commercial Observer reports that Thor Equities is bringing the weekend festival of food carts to the lot near 1320 Bowery Street, which itself will be home to a new street art installation called Coney Art Walls, curated by Jeffrey Deitch. For…

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Oh, Taylor. First you released that terrible, terrible single about our beloved city. Then we learned that it was just a publicity stunt for your new role as the “Global Welcome Ambassador” for New York City’s tourism department. Well, some folks are not impressed with Taylor Swift’s shiny informational videos (such as this Tribeca-centric NYC vocabulary lesson). In a hilarious parody site (with a perfect…

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Soon hipsters in Williamsburg will be able to scout out Sheepshead Bay for cheaper rents and Russian beers as the B44 Select Bus Service (SBS) finally begins express service next month. NY1 is reporting that the new B44 line will represent the MTA’s sixth SBS, bridging the gap between parts of Brooklyn that are notoriously…

Arts & Culture

In this photograph we have a group of three female lifeguards standing vigil over the waters of Brighton Beach in the swinging jazz days of 1921. In case you are wondering, these are not the vintage ladies we featured last December. Those female lifeguards, who very well could have been the daughters of the lifeguards…

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Gentrification is one of the most emotionally loaded words in Brooklyn. Some welcome it with open arms, embracing all the artisanal cheese and organic coffee shops left in its wake. Others detest it like a virus, decrying the loss of the “real” Brooklyn, horrified by the hipster harem left in its wake. Those less concerned with the…

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