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Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

The colorful and eerie graffiti mural lining the wall opposite the Stillwell Avenue subway station in Coney Island was singled out as some of the city’s most interesting graffiti. The New York Times highlighted the piece, noting that the creators are identical twin Brazilian brothers known as “os gemêos” (twins in Portuguese).

The brothers, identified as Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo on their website, are gaining worldwide fame for their psychedelic and surrealistic creations. The Times noted that the piece was created in 2005 for the Dreamland Artist Club, a special project put together by Creative Time, a public art group.

The brothers have made art all around the world, in North and South America and in Europe. Below are some works, each reflecting influences of Brazilian culture and traditional hip-hop.

Berlin, Germany (Source: Wikipedia)

Downright creepy work done in Berlin, Germany. (Source: Wikipedia)

Lisbon, Portugal (Source: Wikipedia)

I love the way painting interacts with the architecture of this building in Lisbon, Portugal. (Source: Wikipedia)

Yoseph Robinson, Source: via facebook

Councilmember Jumaane Williams wants to honor the tragically slain Yoseph Robinson, a former hip-hop artist turned Orthodox Jew, by renaming the corner of Nostrand Avenue and Avenue J in his honor, according to a press release.

Robinson, who was murdered on August 19, 2010, while working as a liquor store clerk in Midwood, left behind an inspirational story and thousands of mourners across Brooklyn. Council Member Williams reflected on Robinson’s legacy and the pain left in his tragic death:

“Yoseph Robinson was a true role model for the Caribbean and Jewish communities of Flatbush,” said Williams. “I live just a stone’s throw from where Yoseph worked and ultimately lost his life, and I can speak to the impact his loss has had on this tight-knit neighborhood … Now, we must take the next step to memorialize his legacy for future generations.”

Robinson’s remarkable journey from Spanish Town, Jamaica, to Midwood, Brooklyn, was set on a rocky road. As a teenager, Robinson was a budding hip-hop artist caught up in criminal activity like drug dealing. Looking to reform his life, he converted to Orthodox Judaism at age 23. Never giving up music, he began to mix Torah passages into his lyrics while making a living working as a clerk at MB Vineyards located at 2388 Nostrand Avenue.

While trying to protect his girlfriend, Robinson was gunned down by Eion Klass as Klass tried to take her jewelry. Klass was eventually sentenced to 35 years in prison.

“Yoseph’s life bridged the cultures of our neighborhood and showed us all the individual capacity to rebuild one’s life and restore one’s potential,” said Williams.

To join those wishing to rename the corner of Nostrand Avenue and Avenue J in Robinson’s honor, you can visit MB Vineyards and sign the petition there. According to the press release, several notable rabbis and civic leaders have already pledged their support for the commemoration.