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The building shortly after Halikarnas closed.

Contractors have been revamping 3075 Emmons Avenue, the former site of Halikarnas Restaurant, with a new facade and gutted interior.

Halikarnas closed up shop in late 2010 and the property promptly hit the market. It was picked up in March 2011 for $500,000 – almost half the asking price of $995,000 – by Murat Tanriverdi, the owner of Salon Evolution a 1722 Sheepshead Bay Road.

We look forward to seeing what comes to the new storefront!

It appears Halikarnas, the Turkish seafood restaurant at 3075 Emmons Avenue, has gone out of business.

The property owner told reader Arthur Borko that it shut down about a month ago, saying not enough people were coming by. Which sounds about right, since it took us a month to find out.

About that property owner: it’s next door neighbor Jeff Brown, who also owns Maria’s Ristorante Italiano and the building that it sits in. Brown put the Halikarnas building up for sale back in September, and it’s currently listed at $995,000.

Village Voice readers couldn't figure out what this was or where it came from. It's Turkish octopus casserole from Marmaris. - Photo courtesy of Village Voice

We live here, so we know all about Sheepshead Bay’s hidden culinary gems. There are the little bodegas with back-room burritos, the strangely decorated bars on quiet side streets with staggeringly cheap lunches, and the waterfront eateries that manage to go below radar. There are food carts that survive despite rhyme or reason (a hot dog cart by Doody’s? Really?), and dim sum dining where we don’t know what we’re ordering. There’s fried chicken where a sweatshop used to be, and a bagel place that’s been there so long no one knows what came before.

These are our treasures, and they’re known only to us locals.

That was, at least, until Village Voice’s Robert Sietsema began plundering our neighborhood a few weeks ago. Several of the venerable food critic’s recent pieces have eyed the nabe’s gastronomical glories. And all of them sing our praises.

Keep reading to see what Sietsema wrote about Sheepshead Bay recently, and our take on his reviews.

Courtesy of Gene Berardelli

We wrote about Halikarnas’ sudden closure last month by the Health Department, and then told you days later about how it reopened, broke the law, and reclosed. Well, we stopped by there last week and found out the complete story.

First of all, Halikarnas (3075 Emmons Avenue) is open for business again. Second, its closing – and subsequent re-closing – appears to be the result of classic labyrinthine bureaucracy and confusion that has cost a local business tens of thousands of dollars.

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THIS STORY HAS BEEN UPDATED: “Halikarnas Reopen and Clean, Lost Big To DOH Mess”

We told you Wednesday that Halikarnas, a Turkish restaurant on Emmons Avenue, closed down by order of the Health Department. But we stopped by in the afternoon and – guess what – staff was there and they invited us in for a meal. Something about mouse droppings, cockroaches, and a lack of running water didn’t really turn us on, though, and we went on our way.

Photo of the sign before being blocked by a menu

As it turned out, Halikarnas reopened illegally. The DOH sign on the door explaining its closure and saying that it is a violation of law to damage or obstruct it was, well, damaged and obstructed. After attempting to tear it down, Halikarnas employees covered it with the menu, as you can see in the photo above.

Well, justice has been served. DOH inspectors returned last night. It was found operating and serving food to patrons. The Health Department re-closed the restaurant and cited it for operating against the agency’s order to close.

Are instructions that difficult to follow?

Courtesy of Gene Berardelli

THIS STORY HAS BEEN UPDATED: “Halikarnas Reopen and Clean, Lost Big To DOH Mess”

One of the handful of Sheepshead Bay’s Turkish restaurants closed down last week by order of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Halikarnas at 3075 Emmons Avenue (between Batchelder Street and Bay View Court) was shuttered after it failed its pre-permit inspection on January 5. According to a press officer at the Health Department, “The inspection found the restaurant operating without running water at the three compartment sinks, hand washing station and dishwasher located in its basement’s food prep area. Other factors that contributed to the restaurant’s closing included liquid waste found on the floor of the basement’s storage area, 60 mice droppings, and 10 live roaches in the restaurant’s kitchen and basement kitchen areas.”

We never tried eating here, but both Yelp reviews show the place is hit or miss. Many Yelp reviewers enjoyed the Turkish cuisine, while an almost equal amount were revolted by molding desserts or rude wait staff.

The DOH inspection reports, meanwhile, gave them grades that changed as drastically as an NBC contract (Ed. — OOF!!). They frequently jumped between highs of 79 point and single digit lows. Mind you – this is like golf, and par is 27.