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You’d think after the Halloween shenanigans, Gerritsen Beach parents would learn that “pedophile” blogger Danny Cavanagh of is unstoppable. He’s forever on the prowl, documenting the warpath of the neighborhood’s hooligans.

But no; they don’t learn. The neighborhood is like the angry aunt that gets drunk every Christmas, tells everyone what’s wrong about them, and then falls down a flight of stairs. We all act horrified and concerned, but, come on, there’s a bit of satisfaction to it. We look forward to next Christmas.

So… they don’t learn, and once again the future inmates of America’s detention facilities rampaged through the streets, destroying public property and harassing neighbors. is reporting, “Local kids are throwing ice and snow at cars, bm4 and b31 buses from everrett and devon. Taking one bm4 temporarily out of service.

As the photo above shows, the kids also took out yet another bus shelter‘s glass, and also threw ice at Cavanagh’s car as he filmed them bombarding the bus. He called 911 and received no response from the local precincts, he said.

At least no pedestrians were targeted this time. Cavanagh told Sheepshead Bites that it was only cars and buses, since neighbors thought better of stepping foot outside. It seems someone is learning…

Following the Halloween controversy, the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association decided to close its doors to the public for an undetermined amount of time.

Local officials who requested not to be named are reporting to Sheepshead Bites that they were “disinvited” from the group’s meeting last night, and reports that the meetings are now closed to all but “Class A” members.

We’ve heard that GBPOA President George Broadhead decided not to attend last night’s meeting, for reasons currently unknown to Sheepshead Bites.

Class A members are property owners who have paid a membership free. Class B members are renters with membership benefits. reports:

Because the group, which dates back to 1922, has never received public funding and is not a non-profit, it can legally close their meetings. However, actions speak louder than words. The group acts and intends to be a local civic organization and this is a dangerous slippery slope they are headed down. They intend to have the community come to them with issues that can be voiced and hashed out in public.

… There is no reason for anyone to be less than candid just because the public is watching.

… I believe that the Property Owners is retaliating against the community and reporters because of a video that surfaced of last meeting. Despite promises of transparency and a member vote, they are closing the meeting. Groups like this should do their business in public unless there is a compelling reason not to.

The video referred to in the excerpt was shot by Sheepshead Bites, and showed the meeting as it was overtaken by upset parents berating’s blogger, Daniel Cavanagh, for exposing their children’s violent antics on Halloween.

Our reaction? So be it. Now how do we close off Brooklyn from Gerritsen Beach?

Despite outrage from Gerritsen Beach residents towards the teen-induced terror on Halloween, the issue was barely a footnote at last week’s 61st Precinct Community Council meeting.

None of the parents, business owners or victims affected attended the Wednesday night meeting to request a stronger police response for next year’s Halloween. Nor did the incident make it into Deputy Inspector Mastrokostas’ 5-minute report [above].

The issue did surface briefly, though, when a Sheepshead Bay resident expressed concern for the victims, and Mastrokostas said the issue has been on his mind. [5:00 in video above]

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Remains of a pumpkin lobbed at the blogger's family home.

Upset residents of Gerritsen Beach are taking up arms – and pumpkins – against local blogger Daniel Cavanagh following his posts outing several teenaged hooligans terrorizing residents on Halloween.

At least one angry neighbor turned to property damage to settle scores, lobbing a pumpkin at the blogger’s family’s home over the weekend. The pumpkin cracked the house’s vinyl siding when it was hit on Saturday night, around 10 p.m. Cavanagh said he filed a police report with the 61st Precinct.

Keep reading about some of the harassment Daniel Cavanagh faces in Gerritsen Beach, as well as what he says he’s doing about it.

Gerritsen Beach grappled with its latest controversy during last night’s Gerritsen Beach Property Owner’s Assocation meeting, as they tackled the Halloween “bombing” that saw violence and destruction spill through the community.

The solution put forward by most? Silence the blogger who put the nefarious youths in the spotlight.

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I was born and raised in Sheepshead Bay. And yet, despite its proximity, I stay out of Gerritsen Beach. That’s how I like it, and it seems that’s how they like it, too.

But I decided to venture into the tick-filled taint of Brooklyn and see for myself just how unwelcoming it is.

What I found was a neighborhood dynamic that begs for quietude and autonomy, and sees the slightest glance from a stranger’s eye as a threat to its independence from the rest of the city.

Read more about a Gerritsen Beach civic’s groups attempts to silence journalists, and why it’ll fail.