You’d think after the Halloween shenanigans, Gerritsen Beach parents would learn that “pedophile” blogger Danny Cavanagh of is unstoppable. He’s forever on the prowl, documenting the warpath of the neighborhood’s hooligans. But no; they don’t learn. The neighborhood is like the angry aunt that gets drunk every Christmas, tells everyone what’s wrong about them,…


Following the Halloween controversy, the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association decided to close its doors to the public for an undetermined amount of time. Local officials who requested not to be named are reporting to Sheepshead Bites that they were “disinvited” from the group’s meeting last night, and reports that the meetings are now…


Despite outrage from Gerritsen Beach residents towards the teen-induced terror on Halloween, the issue was barely a footnote at last week’s 61st Precinct Community Council meeting. None of the parents, business owners or victims affected attended the Wednesday night meeting to request a stronger police response for next year’s Halloween. Nor did the incident make…


Upset residents of Gerritsen Beach are taking up arms – and pumpkins – against local blogger Daniel Cavanagh following his posts outing several teenaged hooligans terrorizing residents on Halloween. At least one angry neighbor turned to property damage to settle scores, lobbing a pumpkin at the blogger’s family’s home over the weekend. The pumpkin cracked the house’s…


Gerritsen Beach grappled with its latest controversy during last night’s Gerritsen Beach Property Owner’s Assocation meeting, as they tackled the Halloween “bombing” that saw violence and destruction spill through the community. The solution put forward by most? Silence the blogger who put the nefarious youths in the spotlight.


Video courtesy of I was born and raised in Sheepshead Bay. And yet, despite its proximity, I stay out of Gerritsen Beach. That’s how I like it, and it seems that’s how they like it, too. But I decided to venture into the tick-filled taint of Brooklyn and see for myself just how unwelcoming…