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Neighbors of the long-neglected lot at 1515 Avenue Z, formerly occupied by a gas station and mechanic, have noticed a lot of work going on in the last two weeks, as contractors cleared out the overgrowth and garbage. That’s because the property is now in new hands, and the owner – a developer with several properties in the area – is moving forward with plans to add parking.

It’s not the first time the owner has tried to add parking in the area; last time community leaders squashed the plans. Find out more…

1501 Sheepshead Bay Road

A proposed nine-story development may be nixed as the site goes up for sale, giving a sign of hope to opponents who were outraged that the plan’s 101 parking garage would create a traffic nightmare for the area.

For sale signs went up at 1501 Sheepshead Bay Road recently, and representatives of the property have confirmed to Sheepshead Bites that plans are now up in the air. The original plans called for a 115-foot building wedged into a narrow strip of land abutting the train tracks and existing buildings, running all the way from Sheepshead Bay Road to Avenue Z.

“The property is for sale because the owners have another opportunity at another location and can’t proceed with two constructions at the same time,” said broker Arsen Atbashyan, who represents the property.

Don’t sound the “all clear” just yet. Keep reading to find out why.

The owner of the controversial development proposed for 1501 Sheepshead Bay Road (through to 1508 Avenue Z) began clearing the lot this morning.

With two dump trucks and a wood-chipper lined up on Avenue Z, workers began pulling out garbage, weeds, trees and… well, more garbage. This was a property that we’ve previously heard numerous complaints about garbage, poison ivy and other nastiness tangled in the fence.

While taking photos, I ran into property owner George Krasanakis. (I didn’t have a pen or paper, so our discussion is solely from memory.) He said that, regardless of one’s opinion on the development, positive impacts need to be highlighted, and the environmental cleanup is an achievement worth recognizing.

“Have you ever seen that stuff?” he said. “There’s garbage, waste, rats, raccoons – all kinds of junk. Nobody can say getting rid of this is a bad thing.”

Keep reading for a closeup of the cleaned lot, as well as some updates to the Krasanakis’ plans