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Thank the lord for America’s independent, free press, delving into the weightiest and most controversial of issues, serving as a public watchdog, the fourth estate, protecting our freedoms… and eating mozzarella sticks for 14 hours so we don’t have to. In case you haven’t heard, T.G.I. Friday’s launched a new promotion at select locations, giving…

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THE BITE: Most people know by now that Anatolian Gyro has moved off of Sheepshead Bay Road, around the corner to East 16th Street. What many might not realize is that they’ve also added a few new items to the menu. Among them? The octopus salad ($13.50), sure to become a staple of this writer’s diet. Let’s back up…

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Nargis Cafe (2818 Coney Island Avenue) is in the limelight again, this time with the New York Times writing up the Uzbeki restaurant’s mouth-watering cuisine, and tracing the business from humble beginnings into a jewel of Sheepshead Bay. The Times isn’t the only one to discover the central-Asian cuisine. In February, the FX show The Americans used the space…

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THE BITE: Kung Fu Tea is a bubble tea chain that has been spreading, with several locations in Queens, a few around Manhattan and Brooklyn, and locations in four other states. Sheepshead Bay’s own Kung Fu Tea is at 1422 Avenue U, just off East 15th Street. Bubble tea originated in Taichung, Taiwan, in the 1980s.…


To say we’re late with this news would be an understatement. Vittoria Seafood and Grill opened a week before A Taste of Sheepshead Bay in January, so my mind was elsewhere and I forgot to report it. But, alas, Vittoria is here, it’s open, and so far I’m hearing good things. Located at 3081 Emmons…

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The author of an upcoming cookbook took up temporary residence in Brighton Beach to work on the project, and her experience spurred her to declare the seaside neighborhood “one of the world’s best places to write a cookbook” in Food & Wine magazine. Jill Donenfeld’s forthcoming cookbook is about toast, which she calls “the perfect…

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