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Just got this in from reader Janelle F.:

There was a bad bang up on East 23rd Street & Avenue O- no one was hurt, but 3-4 cars were involved in some pretty messed up damage. This minivan being one of the casualties. The other involved was a Zipcar Honda CRV, and another mini-van which had all of it’s airbags deployed.

There’s a red light on that corner, which replaced an all way stop sign. I don’t seem to understand why people just think that they can roll through red lights like it doesn’t apply to them. Oh and it took the cops 35 minutes to show up.

The photo and account below come in from reader Eitan K.:

At approximately 9pm on Avenue Y between e 23 and e 24 a chinese woman in her 60′s was struck by a vehicle. I spoke with one of her neighbors who said that they knew her, she was a very nice lady who lived there for many years, residing in a house on the corner of e 24 and Y. The woman was struck within eyesight of her home, just across the intersection as she was crossing the street. The neighbor who I spoke with said she was in very bad shape, but obviously details on her condition were not available. I watched the ambulance take her away at approx. 9:15pm. The section of avenue Y between 23 & 24 was taped off as numerous police officers were examining the scene. The driver of the car that struck her appeared to be a chinese man in his 20′s or early 30′s (it was dark) and he was speaking with the police, he remained at the scene and he was not in handcuffs when I was there at between 9:15 through 9:30. The neighbor who I spoke with also added that on this stretch of avenue Y there are no stop signs or lights, and accidents involving cars and pedestrians have been known to happen here, and she expressed a wish that a sign or a light be installed, that if there had been one tonight’s accident might have been avoided.

Photo by Arthur Borko

Calabrese Pizza & Restaurant is slated to begin serving up brick oven pizza at 2224 Avenue U very soon, it seems. The dough-tossers tossed up their signage just a few days ago.

We’re wishing them the best, because it seems like the storefront may be cursed. Remember Tai Yuan? Well, then you’ve got a good memory for short-lived businesses of total insignificance. They occupied the spot for just a few weeks before shutting down in April. And before that was Tai Shan, which lived a little longer, but still didn’t amount to more than a blip on the local gastronomical scene.

Good luck, Calabrese. The area needs some brick ovens, and hopefully you’ll wrangle a name for yourself as one of the few to service the niche. Then again, we also need some Thai…

Neighbors are gathering to honor those who defend our freedom with a parade, ceremony and celebration tomorrow morning.

The annual event is organized by Sheepshead Bay / Plumb Beach Civic Association. Plans include a parade of classic and antique cars, color guard, wreath ceremony, children’s essay and poster contest, invocation and refreshments.

Observers will begin lining up at 11 a.m. on Emmons Avenue at East 23rd Street. The parade kicks off at noon, and the route continues down the avenue until it reaches the Plumb Beach / Sheepshead Bay Veterans Memorial near Haring Street. There, organizers will hold a ceremony and give out special awards to children from our neighborhood schools.

For more information, call (718) 891-6498 or (718) 891-8400.

View the flier

Residents of East 23rd Street around Avenue W woke up this morning to discover brown water flowing throughout their homes. Why is this news? Well, the DEP came within an hour of lodging the complaint with 311. We rarely get to report quick results from 311, so it seemed worthy of passing along.

It was just two and a half weeks ago that we told you about Tai Yuan replacing Tai Shan at 2224 Avenue U. But, passing by it yesterday, it doesn’t look like business has been going so well. And someone asked last week if they had closed down. Well, could this be the shortest a restaurant has ever existed?

Maybe not. This was tacked onto the gate. If only the missing piece of the puzzle were still there to clue us in.

You may remember Tai Shan, but then again, you may not. The short-lived Thai restaurant at 2224 Avenue U (and East 23rd Street) closed several months back before most people knew it even existed.

Well, fellow Thai lovers, rejoice! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, only way less spectacular, Tai Yuan has recently opened on the location. With a menu of both Thai and Chinese favorites, the “Aisian” restaurant is aiming for the take-out crowd. We haven’t tried it yet, but we’d love to know if their Thai cuisine is any better than their spelling.

It’s a large lawn. That explains why the sign has to be so large.

Years ago, when these condo buildings first came to Sheepshead Bay on Shore Parkway and East 23 St, they were some of the first of the revitalization wave. No one would have even thought of letting their dog “do their doody” (don’t blame me, I didn’t coin it) on the luxury condominium’s lawn.

We’ve got a newer wave of revitalization in the form of the Breakers. They’re supposedly designed to look like waves on the waterfront.

Breakers’ residents will get a break from having to post an unsightly “curb your dog” sign on their front yard — luckily for the millionaire-mortgagors, dogs can’t walk on water.

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