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Diego Palacios, the police officer kicked off the force after his bogus arrest of a Sheepshead Bay man, may have been sentenced to four days in prison – but he served only one night. New York Post picked up on our exclusive story last week – without giving credit to Sheepshead Bites – noting that Palacios pleaded…


YOU READ IT HERE FIRST: A cop who falsely claimed that a Sheepshead Bay man tried to run him down in a car was sentenced to four days in prison – only one day more than his victim was locked up based on the officer’s bogus charges. Officer Diego Palacios pleaded guilty at a hearing on…


A grand jury indicted Officer Diego Palacios – formerly of the 61st Precinct – on felony charges for locking up an apparently innocent Sheepshead Bay man who the officer claimed tried to run him over in his car. Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes revealed the grand jury’s decision yesterday, indicting the officer on five types of…

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Reader Richie spotted this on a car on East 23rd Street. It’s hard to read, but it says “Please don’t be an asshole. Use 1 space for 1 car.” I think we need a whole series dedicated to “Please don’t be an asshole” signs. Here’s one I made for the commenters:

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Around 1:30 p.m. today, a little red Honda, traveling south on East 23rd Street, ran the stop sign at Avenue W, an action that eventually turned into an accident involving six vehicles, witnesses said. After running the sign, the Honda proceeded into the intersection directly into the path of a white Access-a-Ride van that was…

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