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Photo by Alex S.

Photo by Alex S.

It’s been a bad day on Avenue U. Shortly after police reopened the roadway following an accident on Ocean Avenue near Avenue U, another car lost control and slammed into the building at 1907 Avenue U, just narrowly missing the busy storefront of Trio Ristorante Pizza and Grill.

The incident happened at approximately 4:45 p.m.

The section of sidewalk has been closed off with police tape.

It’s still unclear if anyone was injured, as is how the driver lost control.

Just two hours earlier, another driver lost control one block away, slamming into a parked car being loaded up with groceries, injuring that car’s owner.

The accident at Trio’s brought back memories of the 2006 incident, in which a woman lost control of her SUV and plowed into the same storefront. That accident severely wounded a deliveryman, who was pinned to the counter and saw his right leg crushed. A 71-year-old pedestrian was also injured in that accident.

Photo by Laura S.

Photo by Laura S.

Photo by Laura S.

Photo by Laura S.

Photo by Randy C.

Photo by Randy C.

Photo by Randy C.

Photo by Randy C.

Photo by Randy C.

Photo by Randy C.

2060 East 19th Street, the scene of the accident. (Source: Google Maps)

2060 East 19th Street, the scene of the accident. (Source: Google Maps)

A driver jumped the curb while attempting to park on East 19th Street between Avenue U and Avenue T, hitting an elderly woman and pinning her beneath the car.

A tipster tells Sheepshead Bites that the accident occurred at approximately 3:00 p.m. in front of 2060 East 19th Street. The driver was pulling into a parking spot when she lost control of her vehicle. According to the tipster, she jumped the curb and hit an elderly woman who was walking with her husband. After hitting her, the panicked driver attempted to reverse the vehicle, but instead drove forward and pinned the victim under the tire.

“It was crazy. Her whole face was smashed. There is blood on the sidewalk. Her husband was yelling for help,” the tipster told Sheepshead Bites.

A tweet from Transportation Alternatives’ VisionZeroNYC account reports that the woman did not survive the incident:

Sheepshead Bites has not yet confirmed a fatality.

UPDATE: Reader Gina R., a resident of the building, sent in this photo of the scene:


This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.


Two elderly residents of a six-story building at 1900 Avenue W are being treated for smoke inhalation, after firefighters rescued them from a small blaze in their top-floor apartment.

The fire broke out at approximately 9:45 a.m., and was brought under control shortly before 11:00 a.m. The fire only damaged one unit in the building, according to a first responder on the scene.

The two elderly residents were being treated on the scene, but were ultimately transported to the hospital for further evaluation.

No other residents of the building were injured, and most of the building was not evacuated. One firefighter was bitten by a dog in the building, but there were no other injuries to first responders.



First they survived Superstorm Sandy’s wrath, and now they’re surviving a fire that drew a massive response of more than 100 firefighters, and left one fireman with minor injuries.

We headed over to the historic Lundy’s building (1901 Emmons Avenue) on Saturday to check in on how the businesses were doing. We’re ecstatic to report that the FDNY response made it seem much worse than it was – and all the businesses on the first floor are back up and running.

Masal Cafe, Cherry Hill Gourmet Market, and Momo – the new name for Momoyama – were all serving patrons this weekend (and, we’re told, Masal and Momo reopened the same day as the fire). Cherry Hill is left with a smokey smell, but the market area appeared largely untouched. The fire began in an air duct in Cherry Hill’s kitchen, and firefighters unfortunately had to tear through the walls around it to extinguish the flames.

That means Cherry Hill’s kitchen is still offline, keeping their cafe and cooked goods area closed. A manager told us on Saturday that hope to partially reopen the kitchen in the next few days, and expect a full return to business in a week or so.

The second floor of Lundy’s was a different story. Home to a couple of medical and law offices, as well as a salon, all the businesses were shuttered on Saturday. It’s unclear if it’s because of damage or just because it was a weekend. The elevator was out of order and in the process of being repaired when we stopped by, and some scars from the fire – primarily holes poked in the ceiling by the FDNY – remain, as you can see in the photo below.

Here’s to wishing all of these businesses a speedy recovery. Make sure to head over there  in the next few days and spend a few bucks to help the businesses along!



Fire broke out at the historic Lundy’s Building (1901 Emmons Avenue) just before 9:30 a.m., drawing a heavy response from the FDNY and leaving one firefighter with a minor injury.

The fire was brought under control after more than an hour of battling the blaze, which appeared to be smoldering on the second floor and in the ventilation shafts along the roof. To accommodate the heavy response, which included FDNY units from as far away as Red Hook, Emmons Avenue was closed to traffic between East 19th Street and East 21st Street, and Ocean Avenue was closed from Emmons Avenue to Shore Parkway north of the Belt Highway.

The FDNY will investigate the cause of the fire, but the preliminary theory is that it was caused by grease in the kitchen of Cherry Hill Gourmet Market, and spread into the kitchen’s air vents which carried it through the building. Flames were visible erupting from the roof of the building.

“I’m not sure when I’ll be back in my office. We don’t know anything yet,” said Dr. Preston Schaffer, a dentist whose office abuts the second-floor kitchen of Cherry Hill. “Thank god the building was built 100 years ago, with all concrete walls.”

Firefighters shattered the windows of his personal office as well as the windows of the market’s kitchen. The responders were also seen along the roof, tearing holes to look down into the building and cutting open the ventilation ducts to extinguish the fire.

One of the first firefighters on scene was left with a minor injury to his back, but is expected to recover. The building was evacuated, and there have been no other injuries.

Electricity and gas to the building were turned off.

As of 11:20 a.m., a large presence remains on the scene, although some units have departed. The public does not yet have access to the building.

View photos, and the on-the-scene updates we made to the original story.


Actually, I suppose it’s all quiet at all polls for now. We’ve stopped by about six today, and few reported more than 70 voters per electoral district. But that’ll be heating up as the evening draws near, and people head to the booths after work.

Meanwhile, our woman in the field, Brooklyn Independent Television’s Natasha Gaspard, found a rare breed in the Orthodox section of Midwood: a liberal voter.

Debra Burke was one of the few who have so far hit the 1215 Avenue O voting site, and remarked about how she’s a bit of an odd duck for the area.

“I’m actually am on the other side of the issues because I happen to be liberal. This is a very conservative neighborhood and I happen to be liberal,” she said. “I believe in public schools and equal civil rights.”

Burke didn’t say who she voted for, but did say she had been turned off a bit by the pamphleteering in the past few weeks.

“I’ve been so annoyed by all of the phone calls and pamphlets. Right now, I don’t really like any of them,” she said.

Polls are open until 9:00 p.m. tonight. You can find your polling site here.

This post is published in partnership with B Civil, Brooklyn Independent Television’s online political portal. BIT producer Natasha Gaspard will be sending on-the-ground updates to us throughout the day from various polling sites in an effort to keep readers informed of polling conditions, and remind them to vote.


Tzipporah Simon being interviewed about her vote by BIT.

The following post is published in partnership with B Civil, Brooklyn Independent Television’s online political portal.

Polls opened at 6:00 a.m. today, and the first round of voters have already pulled the lever at their local voting site.

Poll workers at the St. Mark School poll site (2602 East 19th Street) told Sheepshead Bites that it’s been a quiet morning with few problems – and few voters. As of 10:15 a.m., turnout was beginning to increase.

Tzipporah Simon of Sheepshead Bay was one of the first to pull the lever there this morning.

“I voted for Theresa Scavo. I think that when she was a Community Board leader, she was passionate and remained passionate,” Simon said.

The choice was more difficult in the mayoral elections, Simon said.

“For Mayor, I was kind of undecided. I made a begrudging choice. Mayor is a tough call this year,” she said.

In contrast to the calm scene at St. Mark School, a reader tells us the I.S. 381 (1599 East 22nd Street) polling site in Midwood is chaotic.

“I was sent to the wrong table, there was poll worker confusion,” our reader said. “No superviser was sent to train the workers.”

He said when he finally tried to vote his machine was broken, which spurred an argument with poll workers. Police pulled him aside to calm him down, and moments later a poll worker came over to ask when his break would be.

Please e-mail tips [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com as you vote and tell us about the conditions at your voting site.

Polls are open until 9:00 p.m. tonight. You can find your polling site here.

This post is published in partnership with B CivilBrooklyn Independent Television’s online political portal. BIT producer Natasha Gaspard will be sending on-the-ground updates to Sheepshead Bites throughout the day from various polling sites in an effort to keep readers informed of polling conditions, and remind them to vote.


Source: via ny.curbed

Thomas Rhiel of BKLYNR put together this nifty little map that shows the approximate age of all structures standing in Brooklyn. We were clued into this map, which pins the age of 320,000 structures across Brooklyn, via NY Curbed.

The oldest structures are clearly churches but in closely scanning the map, I haven’t seen any blue in our area, which represents buildings built before 1825. Let me know the oldest spots you can pick out. Here, again, is the link to the zoomable map in full.


A fire broke out in the basement of New York Mart at 1721 Avenue U, causing smoke to billow into the streets and drawing a heavy response from firefighters.

The fire broke out at approximately 11:00 a.m. As of this writing, the street is still filled with thick smoke, and Avenue U has been closed off between East 17th Street and East 19th Street, and East 18th Street from Avenue T to Avenue V. The B3 bus is being rerouted via Avenue T.

“It’s really crazy. It’s a lot of firetrucks and everything. It’s mostly smoke right now. Hopefully nobody got hurt,” said a Sheepshead Bites reader who witnessed the response.

According to Randy Contello, a Sheepshead Bites photo contributor, there are as many as more than ten firetrucks, and responders on the scene stated they believe the cause is electrical.

“It’s just firetrucks everywhere. There’s a crazy amount of fire trucks,” Contello said.

Contello said firefighters are currently on the roof, tearing holes for venting.

The market was the former site of a short-lived Walgreens, and was converted into the Chinese market last year. It’s their second location in the area, with the first being at 2309 Avenue U.

UPDATE (12:37 p.m.): Randy Contello sent in the following photographs.










This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.

Source: Cymbrowitz's office

Source: Cymbrowitz’s office

It’s been a good couple of week’s for the area’s wildlife. First, Coley the Osprey escaped more than a year of warrantless government surveillance, as the recording device that tracked his movement became dislodged and eventually removed. Then some kidnapped horseshoe crabs found justice when they were saved from becoming bait and their kidnappers were fined.

Today, one of Sheepshead Bay’s iconic swans was found injured and abandoned on the side of Emmons Avenue.

Luckily for our feathered friend, Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz’s staffers took notice – and pity – and had the winged beast rescued for rehabilitation.

Source: disneylovelyfairytales/Tumblr

It’s like Snow-freakin’-White up in here.

Here’s the press release from Cymbrowitz’s office:

It was almost a swan song for this constituent in distress.

At about 9 a.m. today a staff member for Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz (D-Brooklyn) passed an unusual sight on East 19th Street between Shore Parkway and Emmons Avenue in SheepsheadBay.

A fully-grown swan was sitting in the middle of the sidewalk, its foot at an odd angle away from its body. The animal, which managed to cross Emmons Avenue, didn’t appear perturbed, just stock-still.

The staff member walked across the street to Assemblyman Cymbrowitz’ district office and made some calls seeking help for the swan. She called Theresa Scavo, chair of Community Board 15, who alerted the Parks Department, but it wasn’t their jurisdiction.

Then the staff member called the 61st Precinct, which arrived quickly. The police took a proprietary interest and established a safe perimeter around the swan. A passerby with a camera was asked to move across the street so as not to disturb the animal.

By 10 a.m., a cage arrived to transport the injured swan to a wildlife rehabilitation facility in Manhattan.

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