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Avenue I and East 16th Street, the scene of the shooting. (Source: Google Maps)

A 23-year-old Canarsie man was killed and another man seriously injured in what appears to be a drive-by shooting in Midwood early Saturday morning.

At approximately 4:00 a.m. the two victims were in a 2011 Toyota Camry at Avenue I and East 16th Street when a gunman opened fire.

The Daily News reports:

“I was riding my bike when I heard, ‘Bang! Bang! Bang!’ ” said a 45-year-old area resident. “It was so loud I thought they were shooting at me at first.”

[Gerard] Grant, who was driving, was shot four times in the chest and died, slumped over the steering wheel, police said. His friend suffered two wounds to the left side of the head and shoulder and was rushed to Kings County Hospital.

Grant’s family said they didn’t know about the shooting until police called.

“For us it’s impossible to say what could have gotten (Grant) involved in this because he’s a pretty good kid,” said his uncle Wallace Grant, 65. “He’s not a gang member of any type.”

The Yeshiva World News has a little more speculation from cops at the scene:

Sources tell YWN that the murder is an isolated incident, and the victims as well as the perpetrators are not from the area. It appears the victims were followed for quite some time before they were shot. It’s possible that the perpetrators shot the victims on that particular street, after the victims’ vehicle entered the block – which is a dead-end, with no way for them to exit.


Anatolian Gyro will move off of Sheepshead Bay Road, around the corner to 2623 East 16th Street, as their landlord ramps up for their third major storefront renovation project in the Sheepshead Bay Road area.

The restaurant has occupied 1605 Sheepshead Bay Road since 1994, becoming one of the earliest restaurants serving Turkish cuisine in Sheepshead Bay. It underwent an expansion at least 10 years ago, taking over a neighboring storefront.

Now the restaurant is moving around the corner, to make way for another renovation project by the landlord, Waldorf Realty.

Metin Turan, Anatolian’s owner, said that his lease is nearly up on the property, and that Waldorf did not offer a long-term lease renewal.

“[Waldorf] would only give me two more years on the lease. I didn’t want to take a two-year lease. It’s nothing. So I decided to move around the corner,” he said.

The new location will open in December or January.

The other stores in the building owned by Waldorf include Eye Appeal, which already moved to 1508 Sheepshead Bay Road, and Zeetron, an electronics repair shop that never reopened after Superstorm Sandy. The only remaining tenant is The Enterprise Gifts & Jewelry.

As we reported last week, Waldorf recently started prepping another Sheepshead Bay Road property at Voorhies Avenue, containing six ground-floor businesses, for a face-lift. They’re also nearing completion on a renovation of another batch of storefronts on the corner of Avenue Z and East 16th Street.

(Source: 5301 Fishbowl via

East 16th Street and Avenue J. (Source: 5301 Fishbowl via

People looking for some cheap hot coffee while waiting in line for some Di Fara Pizza (1424 Avenue J) this winter have a new place to visit. A brand new 7-Eleven has opened at 1523 Avenue J at the corner of East 16th Street in Midwood.

Cafe 16 previously occupied the spot right next to the stairs that lead up to the Manhattan bound Q trains. Thanks to 5301 Fishbowl for posting the image on the subchat message boards.

Bill Murray hanging out with some Avenue U fans (Photo courtesy of Dominick Arabia)

Bill Murray (center, back row) hanging out with some Avenue U fans (Photo courtesy of Dominick Arabia)

The odds of Bill Murray moving to Southern Brooklyn might be growing as long as people like Dominick Arabia and his family keep up the friendly community relations.

Previously, we reported on the exciting Murray activity near Avenue U as he is filming the movie St. Vincent with stars Naomi Watts, Melissa McCarthy, and Chris O’Dowd. Reader Dominick Arabia sent us the following message on his interaction with Murray that led to the photo presented above:

[Bill Murray] was shooting his new movie on Avenue U in Brooklyn yesterday 08/18/2013. It was great, as Bill and Niami Watts had their campers parked 10 feet from my home on East 16th . At the end of the day, Bill Murray was returning back to his camper and came directly over to my home where my family and some of my kids friends were sitting outside on our porch. Bill came over and said hello. He said to us that he really liked our house and was admiring the brick work. We said thank you, and asked if we can get a picture with him. He replied, how about if I sit with you guys on the stoop, and had his security person who was also great, take pictures of all of us sitting on our porch. Bill was wonderful, after a long day of work to take the time to sit with some fans like a regular guy. He spoke with my wife Carmela, and both my sons, Michael and Marcello along with my son’s girlfriend  Stephanie and all my son’s friends. It was a great 15 minutes or so with Bill and a memorable evening for all of us as fans.

I am a HUGE Bill Murray fan, like millions of others, and it pleases me to no end to learn how cool and down to earth the man is in real life. Thanks for the picture and the story, Dominick. I am officially pumped up to see St. Vincent now.

The plaque, dedicated to the memory of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, before it was ripped out of the stone. Source: Alyssa Katz (@alykatzz) via Twitter

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Source: Wikipedia

Residents near the intersection of Avenue I and East 16th Street in Midwood were distressed to discover that a 67-year-old plaque honoring former President Franklin D. Roosevelt was ripped from its foundation.

News 12 is reporting that the memorial, which was erected in 1946 by the Terrace Gardens Men’s Club, was stolen sometime before April 19, the date when it was first noticed to be missing. The theft of the plaque, commemorating the 32nd president, fell one week after the 68th anniversary of the death of Roosevelt, who died April 12, 1945.

Residents have filed a police report and consider the return of the monument the top priority.

“Just return it, no questions asked,” one local resident told News 12. “Turn it into the 70th Precinct and lets move on,” she said, citing the memorial as a source of immense community pride.

After 38 years in the same location, Abe’s Frame Shoppe is leaving its 2606 East 16th Street location for new digs.

Erica Sherman spotted the hand-written note on the sign the other day and snapped the above photo. The note said the business has moved and offers up a telephone number but not an address.

We called the number to find out the new address, but were greeted by an answering machine informing us that all work is temporarily being done in a new location that’s not open to the public, and that they’re looking for a new storefront from which to serve customers. They’re keeping the (718) 648-9090 number.

The building itself, on the corner of Avenue Z, is now entirely vacant. It used to house the Sheepshead Bay Gourmet Market, Learning Wheel and others, but, one by one, each business vanished. The landlord, Waldorf Realty Co., is renovating the property, and told us back in 2010 that they were not renewing some of the business’ leases so that they could market the property as one large space.

Sheepshead Bay Fruit & Vegetables Market at 1717 Avenue Z unveiled a new wing of the building approximately two weeks ago. The wing, located on the East 18th Street side of the building, expands their deli and bakery offerings, and even has a small counter for hot coffee, soups and other goodies.

Parts of the storefront are still under construction, and we’ve got a feeling some floor rearrangement is forthcoming, but it’s so far a welcome addition. After all, we’re a big fan of the boureks and other baked goods, so more space for these goodies is, well, goodie.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a return of the business’ hot tables, which were once housed in an annex a block away – Sheepshead Bay Gourmet Market, on East 16th Street and Avenue Z – but closed down in 2009.

The section of the building that they’ve expanded into used to be the HemOnCare medical center, which seems to have moved to Avenue S. Construction has been going on for a few months, employees told us.

Congrats to Sheepshead Bay Fruit & Vegetables Market.

At approximately 9:15 p.m. tonight, thousands who were lucky enough to enjoy continuous electricity after Hurricane Sandy had the privilege snatched away as Con Edison cut power from Sheepshead Bay to Flatbush.

The affected area seems to be between East 16th Street to Knapp Street (and, further north, Nostrand Avenue), and from Emmons Avenue – which was already without power – to as far north as Foster Avenue.

That put Sheepshead Bay, Homecrest, Midwood, and a chunk of Flatbush.

According to super reader Ariela Baranov via our Facebook page:

Update for the most recent blackout: ConEd on the radio saying there was a transistor overload, so they took down the Sheepshead Bay network which affects many surrounding neighborhoods and about 160k customers. That makes about 815k customers in the dark now. They took it down to make sure there would not be a further cascade, and hope to have that particular network up within the next 4 hours or so. Let’s hope that’s an accurate estimate.

She said this info came by way of a public radio announcement by a Con Ed rep on CBS 88 AM.

UPDATE (12:04 p.m.): We’re hearing power is back online for many affected by this. Those who lost power during the storm, though – well, on to day two.

Police are looking for the two scam artists caught on camera in the video above.

The suspects are described as wearing dark colored wigs and sunglasses, last seen driving a darkly colored four-door Audi, according to DNAinfo.

The site goes on to describe their scam:

The con happened August 28, 2012 near Kings Highway and E. 16th Street, police said.

The suspects, two middle-aged women, approached the female victim with a bag they told her was filled with cash. In exchange for sharing the supposed cash, the victim gave the scammers an undetermined mound of money.

Cops call the ruse a so-called pigeon drop, a term that describes a scam in which the victim is easily conned.

SHEEPSHEAD BITES EXCLUSIVE: When a local fruit and vegetable market on East 16th Street near Avenue Z closed up shop last year, neighbors were relieved, saying the location often left smelly, rotting garbage at the curb. But they never imagined that the area would become the site of an even worse problem: spilling of rotting produce and other waste, left to stew in the sun for days.

According to local businesses in the area, Metropolitan Recycling, a private waste carter that hauls off garbage from area businesses and construction sites, has for several weeks been illegally spilling and not cleaning up a putrid stew of fetid waste, disgusting liquids and rancid filth on both blocks. And they provided video to prove it.

Bay Supply Corp., a plumbing and heating specialist located at 2460 East 17th Street, said they first noticed the problem approximately a month ago, when they came in to work and found foul-smelling trash directly in front of their building. When it happened again a few days later, they checked surveillance video, and were dumbfounded to see Metropolitan Recycling’s trucks leaving behind a heap of foul-smelling trash in front of their storefront after picking up some nearby construction debris.

See the video, and find out what the city’s doing about the problem.

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