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Sheepshead Bay Fruit & Vegetables Market at 1717 Avenue Z unveiled a new wing of the building approximately two weeks ago. The wing, located on the East 18th Street side of the building, expands their deli and bakery offerings, and even has a small counter for hot coffee, soups and other goodies.

Parts of the storefront are still under construction, and we’ve got a feeling some floor rearrangement is forthcoming, but it’s so far a welcome addition. After all, we’re a big fan of the boureks and other baked goods, so more space for these goodies is, well, goodie.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a return of the business’ hot tables, which were once housed in an annex a block away – Sheepshead Bay Gourmet Market, on East 16th Street and Avenue Z – but closed down in 2009.

The section of the building that they’ve expanded into used to be the HemOnCare medical center, which seems to have moved to Avenue S. Construction has been going on for a few months, employees told us.

Congrats to Sheepshead Bay Fruit & Vegetables Market.

At approximately 9:15 p.m. tonight, thousands who were lucky enough to enjoy continuous electricity after Hurricane Sandy had the privilege snatched away as Con Edison cut power from Sheepshead Bay to Flatbush.

The affected area seems to be between East 16th Street to Knapp Street (and, further north, Nostrand Avenue), and from Emmons Avenue – which was already without power – to as far north as Foster Avenue.

That put Sheepshead Bay, Homecrest, Midwood, and a chunk of Flatbush.

According to super reader Ariela Baranov via our Facebook page:

Update for the most recent blackout: ConEd on the radio saying there was a transistor overload, so they took down the Sheepshead Bay network which affects many surrounding neighborhoods and about 160k customers. That makes about 815k customers in the dark now. They took it down to make sure there would not be a further cascade, and hope to have that particular network up within the next 4 hours or so. Let’s hope that’s an accurate estimate.

She said this info came by way of a public radio announcement by a Con Ed rep on CBS 88 AM.

UPDATE (12:04 p.m.): We’re hearing power is back online for many affected by this. Those who lost power during the storm, though – well, on to day two.

Police are looking for the two scam artists caught on camera in the video above.

The suspects are described as wearing dark colored wigs and sunglasses, last seen driving a darkly colored four-door Audi, according to DNAinfo.

The site goes on to describe their scam:

The con happened August 28, 2012 near Kings Highway and E. 16th Street, police said.

The suspects, two middle-aged women, approached the female victim with a bag they told her was filled with cash. In exchange for sharing the supposed cash, the victim gave the scammers an undetermined mound of money.

Cops call the ruse a so-called pigeon drop, a term that describes a scam in which the victim is easily conned.

SHEEPSHEAD BITES EXCLUSIVE: When a local fruit and vegetable market on East 16th Street near Avenue Z closed up shop last year, neighbors were relieved, saying the location often left smelly, rotting garbage at the curb. But they never imagined that the area would become the site of an even worse problem: spilling of rotting produce and other waste, left to stew in the sun for days.

According to local businesses in the area, Metropolitan Recycling, a private waste carter that hauls off garbage from area businesses and construction sites, has for several weeks been illegally spilling and not cleaning up a putrid stew of fetid waste, disgusting liquids and rancid filth on both blocks. And they provided video to prove it.

Bay Supply Corp., a plumbing and heating specialist located at 2460 East 17th Street, said they first noticed the problem approximately a month ago, when they came in to work and found foul-smelling trash directly in front of their building. When it happened again a few days later, they checked surveillance video, and were dumbfounded to see Metropolitan Recycling’s trucks leaving behind a heap of foul-smelling trash in front of their storefront after picking up some nearby construction debris.

See the video, and find out what the city’s doing about the problem.

It’s not even two hours since doors opened, and hundreds of people have already flocked to the new Marshalls at 1623 Avenue Y for the grand opening.

We’ve received several e-mails already from passers-by stunned at the long lines, as residents look for deals and giveaways for the clothing store’s opening celebration.

Reader Elaine L. sent in these photos, which show the line wrapping around the building, up East 17th Street, as security keeps watch and slowly let people in. Management, meanwhile, appears to be distributing raffle tickets to the crowd.

The celebration continues until 10:00 p.m.

Are you planning a visit to Marshalls today for the grand opening?

View the photos, as well as the lowdown from reader PayPaul.

Photo by John

Last month, a recently opened recycling center – a hub for those bottle-and-can scavengers – became the target of angry neighbors on East 15th Street and Avenue U. Neighboring businesses and residents complained about crowded sidewalks, awful stenches and litter, as reported by Brooklyn Daily.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, responsible for licensing such centers, fined the business for lacking proper paperwork. Later, according to Community Board 15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo, it was found to violate zoning, too.

The business, Mainstream Recycling Group, shut down at the end of July.

Though neighbors near Avenue U were upset when it operated and happy when it closed, neighbors on Avenue Y had the opposite reaction.

Find out why the Avenue Y underpass is a mess, and what local leaders are doing about it.

For you budget-conscious fashionistas out there who’ve been e-mailing us – over and over and over again – about the opening of the new Marshalls on Avenue Y and East 17th Street, well, your day has come. The business will celebrate its grand opening this Thursday, August 23, 2012, from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

The public relations team informs us that there will be giveaways, gift card prizes “and more.”

The 27,336-square-foot location at 1623 Avenue Y has been under construction since September. Many in the area worried that the location would cause a parking and traffic nightmare, but Sheepshead Bites confirmed in December that the location will have a rooftop parking lot that will help ease that burden.

Sheepshead Bites was the first to report that Marshalls would come to the neighborhood, after four businesses on the property shuttered in early 2011: Golden Touch Car Wash, Gulf gas station, KR & S Auto Service and the fruit and vegetable market on East 16th Street.

Yesterday’s heavy rains came and went – quite quickly – and, with it, Sheepshead Bay residents were granted a reprieve from August’s heat and humidity.

But they weren’t spared flooding and transportation woes.

The B/Q train was briefly detoured after a tree limb dipped down to track level. Buses in the area, in particular, the B44 on Nostrand Avenue, were also detoured to a possibly related manhole fire between Avenue N and Avenue L. Con Edison remains on the scene as of this writing, and buses are still detoured near Kings Highway.

Our readers whipped out their cameras to capture the dramatic clouds as they rolled in, as well as flooding all around Sheepshead Bay.

View the photos, and share your tale of woe during yesterday’s storm.

Contractors demolished the 38-year-old garage at 1515 Avenue Z this morning, eliminating the last remaining marker of the mechanic and gas station that formerly occupied the East 16th Street corner.

The owners, October Sky LLC, purchased the property at auction for $4.75 million last year, and told Sheepshead Bites in February they’d be turning it into a parking area. In the last few weeks, contractors put down gravel, painted parking lines, and opened up the lot for monthly parking tenants.

The added parking spaces are not only a boon to commuters and Sheepshead Bay Road’s parking starved businesses, but also for October Sky. It could lead to the eventual legalization of a nearby development at 1401 Avenue Z, which was constructed without the necessary number of parking spots. The developer previously filed plans to build a nine story mixed-use building across the street at 1508 Avenue Z (a.k.a. 1501(c) Sheepshead Bay Road), filling it with offices and a 101-car parking garage, which October Sky hoped to split between the new building and the East 14th Street one, bringing it within the boundaries of the law.

Those plans were nixed, however, after local leaders blasted it, saying that it would create a traffic nightmare to have a valet parking garage of that size on congested Avenue Z.

More parking in the area will undoubtedly be welcomed by locals. But I, for one, really miss filling up my bicycle tires for free at the old station as a kid. But those days – days of free air and gas stations in Sheepshead Bay – are long gone.

Thanks to Andrea Coyle for the tip!

Source: Google Maps

Neighbors and bank customers clamored for information yesterday, as police converged on the TD Bank at 1602 Avenue U, taped off its entrance, and stayed on scene for most of the day following an overnight robbery committed by a daring thief.

According to reports, at least one robber accessed the roof of Medical Plaza P.C. at 2101 East 16th Street – right next door to TD Bank – opened a hatch, and descended into the business on a rope. The thief then busted through one of the walls to TD Bank and ransacked the bank’s safe deposit vault, stealing from multiple boxes.

The break-in wasn’t discovered until Monday morning, when employees opened up and found the mess, according to the Daily News. Fearing that the robber was still inside, police responded quickly – but the thief had escaped through the same roof hatch next door long before anyone arrived at the bank.

Police suspect more than one person participated in the robbery, reports the New York Post.

Neither the bank nor authorities have disclosed the amount of safe deposits accessed, or the total value of the goods taken.

Investigators were still on scene late into the evening, and one reader who lives adjacent to Medical Plaza P.C. said detectives visited them and other neighbors as they canvassed for potential leads.

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