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A video has been going around the internets of a Kraft Music Hall program from August 9, 1968, hosted by legendary comic Don Rickles, and filmed entirely along Avenue M in Midwood around the subway station.

And that’s no surprise, it was an NBC program, and NBC Brooklyn Studios was once located at 1268 East 14th Street.

The video’s classic Rickles walking through classic Brooklyn: kids playing stickball, classic hot dogs, classic pickpockets – and classic businesses in the background (anyone remember Yen Fung Restaurant?).

Check it out!

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

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There will be at least two — count ’em, two — Sukkot events for the community this Sunday, both of which promise tons of food, entertainment, music, dancing, and much more.

  • Congregation Israel of Kings Bay: Congregation Israel of Kings Bay invites the Jewish community to their annual Simchas Bais Hashoava, a celebration — and in this case, a pizza party — held during the intermediate days of Sukkos. The party will be held September 22 at 7:30 inside Congregation Israel of Kings Bay, 3903 Nostrand Avenue, corner of Voorhies Avenue. For information, call (718) 615-1549 or (718) 934-5176. The event is free, although a donation is suggested.
  • Chabad of Sheepshead Bay: Chabad of Sheepshead Bay invites the invites the community to join them at their Annual Sukkos Street Festival, featuring a 4D theater, arcade games, laser tag and U:launcher (Ed. — Whatever that is), pony rides, face-painting, popcorn, hotdogs, and more. All the fun takes place September 22 from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on East 14th Street between Avenue X and Avenue Y. Be sure to stick around for the magic show at 4:30 p.m. To learn more, including prices, click to enlarge the flier above, or go to
hate graffiti in midwood israel news

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A swastika was found in Midwood, scrawled on top of a Courier Life news box. Israel Nation News is reporting that they discovered the hate graffiti posted on Facebook by a concerned citizen but little action has been taken as of yet.

The swastika was discovered on the corner of Avenue J and East 14th Street. Israel National News was pretty annoyed at the lack of responses and outrage the image generated on Facebook:

A local Jewish resident, noticing the mark, snapped the photo and posted it on Facebook. But few people even bothered to comment.

One Facebook member wrote, “Those rascally Buddhists / Hindus. I hope.”  But a second writer responded, “Not in a Jewish neighborhood. More like Pakistani Muslims…” A commentator from Israel added, “What’s weird is the laid-back attitude that everyone is taking towards this.”

I personally am torn on this issue. I obviously believe that drawing swastikas anywhere, let alone a predominantly Jewish neighborhood, is wrong. Sometimes I feel that glorifying the hate crimes of bigoted punks does nothing but bring pleasure to the idiot who did it in the first place. On the other hand, bringing attention to the evil of the swastika is probably useful in educating young people who might not know better. Either way, it is bad and needs to stop – and someone ought to scrub that box clean.

The barber shop at East 14th Street and Neptune Avenue (Source: Google Maps)

The barber shop at East 14th Street and Neptune Avenue (Source: Google Maps)

A Brighton Beach man turned on his Sheepshead Bay-based barber when he realized that the man who cuts his hair was carrying around some big bills. Brooklyn News reported that 35-year-old Joseph Tabaczek allegedly attacked and robbed the barber before being arrested.

The incident took place on June 30 on East 14th Street and Neptune Avenue, across the street from a barber shop. Tabaczek was smoking cigarettes with his barber and asked if he could borrow some money to go bet on races down at the Aqueduct Racetrack. The barber admitted to be carrying over $1,300 in cash but turned down Tabaczek’s request. Seeing the huge wad of cash that the barber was carrying, Tabaczek punched him several times in the head, grabbed the bills and ran.

Tabaczek was later tracked down by police with all the money stolen still in his pocket. He is being charged with assault and robbery.


Legend has it that when Robert Moses designed the Belt Parkway, he made the overpasses low in order to ensure buses couldn’t travel on it, so that the lower-class masses, dependent on mass transit, couldn’t access the fancy-shmancy beaches of Long Island. And while it seems to have been successful in keeping buses off,  it appears truck drivers never got the memo.

Of course, as residents we all know commercial vehicles are not permitted on the Belt Parkway. But when ill-informed truck drivers try to skirt the rules, it turns into a spectacular failure. Last time we reported on one, in June 2012, it turned into a multi-agency removal effort, and caused an SUV to be crushed in the impact. Almost exactly two years before that, in June 2010, another tractor-trailer tried sneaking on in the middle of the night, and ended up turning the area around the B/Q overpass at East 14th Street into a wasteland of debris.

There must be something about June, because it happened again last night. At around 9:20 p.m., an 18-wheeler illegally traveling eastbound on the Belt Parkway again slammed into the B/Q overpass, snarling traffic for hours.

Making matters worse, as it was being removed by the Queens-based Runway Towing Corporation, the truck was dragged along and then – wham! – right into the Knapp Street, Exit 9 sign, destroying that as well.

Sheepshead Bay’s subway and pedestrian overpasses outside the Belt Parkway are also no strangers to the occasional daring truck driver trying to squeeze through – and failing. For just a few examples, see herehereherehere and here.

For this one, readers Butch Moran and Ed Ioffe happened to be on-hand to catch some photos of the damaged truck.

Check out the photos after the jump.

The tree bed one year ago after planting sunflowers, and the same tree bed on Monday.

The tree bed one year ago after planting sunflowers, and the same tree bed on Monday.

An award-winning tree bed on East 14th Street that was built by neighborhood children and celebrated by local pols has been ripped out and destroyed, and neighbors are pointing a finger at the management company of a nearby apartment building.

The tree bed, located on East 14th Street between Gravesend Neck Road and Avenue X, was one of several designed and built in 2011 by children on the block who, along with parents, wanted to battle litter and beautify the street. Dirty, trash-covered pits were filled with trees and flowers, given tree guards, and kids painted environmentally friendly messages like “Stop Littering – Save the World” that were installed into each fixture. Parents raised money for the improvements by knocking on neighbors’ doors and doing online fundraising.

The tree well near the apartment building was the crown jewel of the lot, besting scores of other entries in Million Trees NYC’s “My tree NYC: Beautiful Tree Bed Contest,” taking first place citywide.

But the accolades didn’t make a difference to the management company of the apartment building, which is located at 2365 East 13th Street but has a back exit and waste disposal area on East 14th Street,  who, according to project organizer Julia Chernova, ripped out the display over the weekend.

“[The management company] told me that the tree guard didn’t meet specifications and that the super was instructed to weed the tree beds, because they were ‘unsightly,’” Chernova told Sheepshead Bites. “He simply cleared the entire tree bed – all the sunflowers, daisies, marigolds and other plants, and repeated the process in the other tree beds along the block.”

“My kid cried inconsolably yesterday, and I was hard put to explain why someone would tear out flowers,” she added.

Chernova said the timing of the destruction suggests it may have been the management’s way of getting back at her and other neighbors for complaining about the building’s garbage disposal practices.

“This happened a week after I complained to Sanitation Dept about the garbage bags that they throw on our sidewalk, street, and tree beds (after I asked the management of the building and the super to handle it more carefully, but didn’t get any response). Their response — get rid of flowers,” Chernova wrote. “The Super also told me that it would be good to get rid of the trees. I feel like they just retaliated and did this out of spite.”

Calls to the management company, M&R Management, which oversees 10 residential buildings in the area, were not returned.

Chernova said she hopes residents living in the management company’s buildings will demand that company rebuild the tree guard, plant new flowers and reform the garbage disposal practices.

We received the following press release from the Flatbush Shomrim:

In response to recent reports from local and federal law enforcement agencies that Identity Theft is at all time high in our community, Flatbush Shomrim has arranged a FREE on-site shredding event before Pesach.

The FREE shredding event is scheduled for this Sunday, March 17th from noon to 4pm, rain or shine. A LionCage Shredding truck will be parked across from HASC – 1221 East 14th Street between Ave. L and Locust Ave.

Organizers have advised that this free service is available for residence only and not for businesses. Limit 1-2 boxes/bags per family. Items to bring include old tax returns, expired IDs, credit cards, sensitive documents etc. Paper only. No metal, plastic or general trash. No need to remove paper clips or staples.

Many of you will have documents that you no longer need. That doesn’t mean you should throw them out in the regular trash. “Identity theft is real” explains Mark from LionCage Shredding. “Especially in this economy, a trash can is a gold mine for ID thieves.”

This event is endorsed by Flatbush Shomrim. “With identity thefts at an all time high, you cannot afford to miss this event” explains Chaim Deutsch. “Taking advantage of this free on-site shredding event is one more easy step to prevent yourself from becoming the next victim,” he warned.

A special thanks to Chaim Deutsch for arranging this free event.

For more information about LionCage Shredding for your business, please call 718.575.LION (5466) or visit them online at:

This event is not paid with taxpayer funds.

This is a paid announcement from The Shipping Store, a new Sheepshead Bay shipping and mail service located at 2609 East 14th Street.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for international and domestic shipping that will go above and beyond for its customers, check out The Shipping Store, a brand new Sheepshead Bay shipping and mail services hub now offering 10% off on domestic shipping and 20% off international shipping.

To receive the limited-time offer, just print out this page, load it on your mobile device or mention Sheepshead Bites at the counter.

Here’s a list of services offered:

  • House Accounts
  • Parcel Shipping
    • Fedex: Express Ground International
    • DHL: International
    • USPS
  • Mail Services
    • USPS
    • Mailbox Rentals with Street Address
    • Stamps & Mailing Supplies
    • Parcel Receiving
  • Notary Services
  • Passport & ID Photos
  • Packing
    • Professional Packing
    • Boxes
    • Packing Supplies
  • Copying
    • Online Printing
    • Volume Discounts
  • Printing
  • Reward Programs

Located just south of Sheepshead Bay Road, the parcel service is housed in the same building as CVS and has free parking in the CVS parking lot.

The Shipping Store, 2609 East 14th Street, (718) 934-0030, fax (718) 934-0035 or e-mail

The above is a paid announcement by The Shipping Store. Sheepshead Bites has not verified the claims made in this advertisement. If you own a business and would like to announce a special offer to tens of thousands of locals, e-mail us at advertising [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com.

It’s nice seeing new businesses open up in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, so we were excited to see that one spot on a flooded street opened up just a week or so after the waters receded.

The Shipping Store, at 2609 East 14th Street, is now open, filling the parcel vacuum left by the closure of UPS Store on Sheepshead Bay Road in September.

The store is in a newly-created storefront carved out of the building that also houses CVS and Alfa Vision Center, and apparently also allows parking in the CVS lot. The business was nearly all set up when Sandy swept through, flooding East 14th Street with three feet of water, but only a few inches of water got in, we’re told. It recovered quickly, and celebrated its opening shortly afterwards.

Two and a half months after Superstorm Sandy doused the Sheepshead Bay branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, the location reopened to the public yesterday.

The 2636 East 14th Street branch is the first BPL location shuttered by the floodwaters to reopen. When we stopped by yesterday, there was already a short line for computers, and a handful of patrons buzzing about.

“We’re excited – we’re very, very excited – to be back,” said the branch manager Svetlana Negrimovskaya.

Patrons, though, will notice a smaller collection for the first few weeks. That’s because five feet of water inundated the building’s below-street-level nonfiction and reference department, wiping out more than 2,100 books on 80 shelves. The library will be restocked, but they’re waiting to replace a handful of shelving units.

Repairs to the facility carried a $1 million price tag, according to a BPL spokesperson. That includes the water damage to partitions, floor finishes, shelves, collections and equipment.

Besides the library’s three computers for the public, the library also needed to replace brand new self-checkout machines that had been installed only two weeks before Sandy.

The Brighton Beach and Coney Island branches are still closed, requiring more repairs before they can reopen. Brighton Beach is expected to open next.

Here in Sheepshead Bay, though, Negrimovskaya said she’s happy to see her neighbors coming back, and noted that they’ve already continued their events programming. The schedule can be found here. Additionally, the BPL is asking for donations to restore the collection. A monetary donation can be made here.

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