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Lea Shimunov, a 47-year-0ld Sheepshead Bay housewife, broke her teeth when she was scarfing down some peanut M&Ms, and is filing a suit against the monolithic Mars candy corporation in Brooklyn Supreme Court, according to a report in the New York Post.

After purchasing a medium-sized bag of peanut M&Ms at the Duane Reade located at 2931 Avenue U in December 2011, Shimunov allegedly bit into a “petrified peanut,” painfully shattering several teeth in the process.

“There was either a foreign object that was made into a M&M, or it may have been a petrified peanut,” lawyer Robert Berkowitz told the New York Post.

I thought M&Ms were supposed to melt in your mouth… not break your jaw.

We previously covered Walgreens’ purchase of Duane Reade and the closure of some locations in our area. Commenters speculated how this would affect the community and what would replace them, and now we know for at least one location. The Duane Reade that was previously on Kings Highway and Coney Island Avenue will soon be inhabited by Spirit, a Halloween costume super store. Flyers have gone up with a website leading to a job application. The Spirit website store locator says that most stores will be opening between August 30 and September 18, so they appear to be behind schedule.

Photo by BrooklynQ

Looks like our prediction about Walgreens and Duane Reade closings around Southern Brooklyn is coming true even faster than we thought it would. A Kings Highway Duane Reade store closed just two weeks ago, and a reader then told us that the Duane Reade location on Avenue J and East 16th Street also closed.

Now word is coming in from tipster extraordinaire BrooklynQ that the Walgreens at 1721 Avenue U (between East 17th Street and East 18th Street) is closed for business.

The closing shows that the chain is not at all timid in shuttering newly-constructed facilities. This particular location was previously the last bastion of our beloved local chain Morris Discount, which Walgreens purchased in June 2008. Since it took up the property, it seems work on it has been never-ending, with a storefront expansion a year ago, and finally a reconstructed facade just finished within the last few months.

And now… it’s closed. For good. A whole lot of work for nothing, and a storefront not so easily adjusted for non-Walgreens uses. What will happen to the newly-completed Bragg Street Walgreens, which sits in spitting distance from the high-traffic Duane Reade Nostrand Avenue location? We don’t know, but if they shut it down it means an entire new construction goes to waste…

But back to 1721 Avenue U – be advised that pharmacy records have been transferred to the Duane Reade at 1417 Avenue U.

Photo and tip by Arthur Borko

When Walgreens bought up the New York City-based Duane Reade chain in February, the growing corporate giant said there were no immediate plans to close any of the branches. But we knew better, and publicly worried that the number of stores that competed with their new sister branches would cause the company to shutter locations.

Well, six months later and that fear is becoming a reality. The corporate overlords are starting to cut back on redundant services. The Kings Highway Walgreens branch near Coney Island Avenue is now shuttered. Presumably because it competes with two other pharmacies with the same ownership – one across the street and the other on Kings Highway and East 14th Street.

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The square-block sized shopping center housing Waldbaums and other retailers on Ocean Avenue between Voorhies Avenue and Shore Parkway has been sold for an even $10 million to Norse Realty, LLC.

The 47,320 square feet of building at 3078 Ocean Avenue (3090 Ocean Avenue) sold for $211 per square foot. It sits on an irregular lot – including parking – that measures about 107,000 square feet. The deal closed on May 6.

The property was previously owned by Capital One Bank, which is also a tenant. In addition to Waldbaums and the bank, the property is home to a Duane Reade.

No word yet on whether the new owner plans to develop. Norse Realty owns a number of local shopping centers, including the strip mall adjacent to Trump Shopping Center on Neptune Avenue, which is home to a Walgreens.

When Walgreens opened its 7,000th storefront right here in Sheepshead Bay, many residents were elated to see the national chain making a push into our area. Similar anticipation surrounds the opening of their Bragg Street and Avenue U location, slated for March.

But few would’ve guessed that just months later a business deal might lead to the closing of several area locations of pharmacy chains.

It was announced this morning that Walgreens purchased the New York City-based Duane Reade franchise for $1.1 billion.

For Sheepshead Bay, the deal means a handful of redundant locations may be closed. The turn of events could leave dozens of Sheepshead Bay residents unemployed, and will leave several large commercial lots empty during an economic recession.

The map below shows the current locations of Walgreens and Duane Reade storefronts in the Sheepshead Bay/Brighton Beach/Marine Park/Midwood area. Walgreens has nine locations (including the unopened Bragg Street store) marked in blue. Duane Reade has ten locations marked in green.

View Sheepshead Bay Walgreens & Duane Reades in a larger map

While the Brighton Beach and southern portion of Sheepshead Bay appear to be clear of duplicity, areas to the north have quite a few overlapping spots – including the newly-built Bragg Street Walgreens.

On Kings Highway, Duane Reade faces off with Walgreens on opposite corners of the same intersection, and there are two more Duane Reades just blocks away. On Avenue J, they’re also placed across the street from each other.

On Avenue U, Walgreens competes with Duane Reade near the Q train station, as well as between Nostrand Avenue and Gerritsen Avenue, and again near Kings Plaza.

Walgreens has not said whether they’ll be closing redundant locations, but it’s safe to assume that at least some will close.