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Two new stores have opened on Avenue X, between Coyle Street and Bragg Street – Ave X Drugs Pharmacy at 3050 Avenue X and 99¢ Plus Discount Variety at 3054 Avenue X.

Welcome to the neighborhood.

Okay, I’m a little confused here, and it’s largely because I don’t speak Russian.

Let’s start with what we do know. Felicita, a clothing store that once occupied this storefront at 1616 Sheepshead Bay Road, closed down recently. In the past week or so, the awning was removed, revealing a much older sign for a pharmacy named Bi-Wise Drugs. First – anyone remember this place?

Now, where things get confusing is that sign overlapping it, in Russian. I recognize the Russian word for pharmacy, but not much else, and at first I figured it was a sign announcing that a pharmacy at 3090 Ocean Avenue would be moving to this location. But that’s the address for the Duane Reade at Ocean Avenue and Avenue Z, and I can’t imagine they’ll be moving into this teeny, tiny space.

So are they saying that former clients of Bi-Wise Drugs should go to Duane Reade? That doesn’t make any sense either, since this pharmacy has been closed for at least 25 years a while! Can someone fill us in, please?

Also, a note to Russian business owners – put your signs in English already. You’re making my job harder.

Update: In retrospect, it’s become clear that I have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to Bi-Wise. Thanks to all the commenters who translated the sign and filled us in on the history of Bi-Wise.

Workers of the CVS at 1402 Sheepshead Bay Road (corner of East 14th Street) had a busy weekend as the store went through some major renovations.

Most notably, the store has expanded its refrigerated and shelved food sections, now taking up an entire wall. They’ve also added a large selection of packaged salads, sandwiches and more for the on-the-go muncher.

Additionally, they installed two self-checkout machines, causing many of us to rejoice after years of suffering under the tyranny of some of Sheepshead Bay’s most obnoxious clerks. Hurrah!

Of course, the self-checkout section is very near to where a car ripped through the wall in an accident in June. So shop at your own risk…

More than a month and a half after an SUV ripped through the front wall and counter of the CVS Drugstore on Sheepshead Bay Road, repairs are finally being made to the storefront.

A worker on the scene said the windows and wall should be completed by the end of the day.

On June 12, the driver of a black Mercedes SUV rammed through the wall. News reports of the incident said the driver was attempting to navigate out of a parking spot when his tire got stuck between a telephone pole and a bike chained to it. He then reversed too quickly, lost control and caused the accident.

No one in the store was hurt.

We reported on Saturday about the black Mercedes SUV that smashed through Sheepshead Bay Road’s CVS storefront, injuring nine. Surprisingly, no one was seriously hurt, but many were left puzzled about how a car could’ve ended up perpendicular, backing up into the store’s wall.

Well, some of the news reports indicate the driver was an elderly man attempting to navigate out of a parking spot. According to WPIX News (Channel 11), his tire got stuck between a telephone pole and a bike chained to it. He put the car in reverse and “lost control,” and plowed through the CVS. News 12 said he hit the telephone pole, “ricocheted” off a bike (?!), and landed in the CVS.

Now we get an employee’s account (and photos!). On the forums, an employee who was not working that day wrapped up pretty much everything we already know. But he added some inside information: employees were told the elderly driver went into diabetic shock. Now it starts to make more sense.

As for the store – they cleaned up and went back to business that evening. They have wooden boards up over the hole, and we’re predicting corporate will have it lookin’ brand new in two weeks or less. Anyone else want to hazard a guess?

View more photos of the accident

UPDATE (3:28 p.m.): We just heard a little more from the reader. Here’s what he wrote:

I do not think anybody got hurt, not sure what happened to the driver, and initially I thought it was an explosion. It sounded like a bomb going off. There were a couple of cashiers in front but no serious injury, one cashier had a scratch on his arm but nothing major and ambulance was still checking him out. People did not scream but everyone was freaked out, saw a bunch of women in tears, people panicked, ran from the front to the back.

Original story:

Apparently the driver of a black Mercedes SUV felt the CVS Drugstore at Sheepshead Bay Road and East 14th street needed a drive through. At around 2:00 p.m. today, the car crashed through the wall facing Sheepshead Bay Road, landing right where the registers are. A reader who was shopping inside at the time sent in these photos. We don’t know if anyone was hurt, and we sincerely hope no one was. We’ll update with more information as we receive it.

We told you about Chila Lati’s case earlier this month, in which she stood accused of attacking a traffic agent. Lati claimed she was at her local Yeshiva at the time, and that the charges were for another Chila Lati. Turns out, her case came together pretty well – Lati was cleared of all charges yesterday. Meanwhile, prosecutors have a mouthful of feet, as they try to figure out how they went forward with a case that made no sense to begin with. Also, we’re pretty sure the traffic agent will be awarded a medal for superior competence since, well, that’s how it works with traffic agents, isn’t it?

Courtesy of Daily News

Ever wished you had a twin you could blame your evil deeds on? Chila Lati’s got the next best thing. According to the local mom, it wasn’t she who ran over a traffic agent’s foot outside of a Sheepshead Bay pharmacy back in January, it was a relative with the same name.

Lati’s attempts to clear her name were foiled on Thursday, when prosecutors asked that her trial be postponed until June. “I’m so disappointed,” Lati told the Daily News. “I thought they would just drop the case. Now we have to come back again.”

After wrapping up at an Avenue U drug store, prosecutors say Lati attacked a traffic agent. The agent picked her out of a lineup after detectives tracked her down through the pharmacy. But photos taken in a yeshiva in a different neighborhood 18 minutes before the “assault” prove she’s innocent, according to Lati’s lawyers. Not to mention the prescription is for another Chila Lati, a relative with the same, you know, really common name.

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Walgreens location #10064, also known as Bragg Street Walgreens (on Avenue U), is finally prepping to open their doors to clients.

Management told us back in February that they were set for a March opening. But after weeks of setbacks due to construction and specific retail permits, management delayed. And delayed. And delays… until now.

The store is slated to open the week of May 9, right after the Mother’s Day rush.

According to a Walgreens representative, the store should be receiving their merchandise and expense some time next week. The Bragg Street location has parking for 27 cars.

ABC Local Eyewitness News reports that the Just In Time Pharmacy on Knapp Street, along with a number of other stores in Brooklyn and Queens, was robbed twice by a pair of gun-wielding thugs.

The robberies occurred on Tuesday, April 7, 2009 and Saturday, May 30, 2009. In both incidents, the robbers entered the store and forced the workers to hand over cash and drugs held in storage. Frightened employees followed the instructions of the gun-wielding thieves and violence was avoided both times.

One of the supervising pharmacists told us:

In the first incident, all the workers were here in the store. They [the thieves] walked into the door 20 minutes after the store had opened up. One guy remained in the front, and a customer was right behind them. One of the guys stood right next to the customer. The other guy walked directly up to the front and put a gun to the cashier and told her not to panic and give him everything that he wants. He said that we won’t get hurt.

In the second incident, I wasn’t there, but thieves were a lot more aggressive than the first time and put the workers on the floor, then said, “you know the procedure”. That’s how we knew they were the same guys as before. They were mainly interested in the narcotics.

Since the incidents have occurred, this Sheepshead Bay community-minded pharmacy has taken extra measures to ensure the safety of their employees and customers.

Their video system installed captured the two robbers, but was not a deterrent to their second crime, so store owners have added a buzzer system and bulletproof glass. You can see video of the thieves robbing another store on the Eyewitness News website.

Let’s hope that customers are not deterred from entering the store, now that they have to ring a bell. This full-service pharmacy has been operating six days a week since 2004, providing customers with their medications, blood pressure checks, and everything else you need in a local drug store.

So if you find yourself at the crossroad where Marine Park, Gerritsen Beach, and Sheepshead Bay meet, stop in and show them your support.

Just In Time Pharmacy
2126 Knapp Street
Brooklyn, NY 11229
located between Ave U & Ave V
(718) 332-5474
Open from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. everyday, except Sunday