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Last Saturday, a prototype for emergency living quarters was unveiled. The experimental post-disaster housing module stacks five steel units on top of each other like Lego pieces to create accommodations that are more comfortable than your rotting, soggy home after Superstorm Sandy. The project has been in the works for six years now. The NYC Office…


Two of four panels created by Governor Andrew Cuomo examining different aspects of disaster preparedness have delivered a short list of preliminary recommendations to the state executive’s desk. And we’re turning to you, who saw the disaster response first-hand, how the government can do better in the future. Of the four panels, the two that provided…


According to a report by, a research and consulting organization, 64 percent of Americans are woefully unprepared for a major natural disaster, even after the events of Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, and a series of other major natural disasters smacking us around in recent years. The report finds that people making disaster-readiness plans has…