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Local restaurants participated in the event's launch and tasting last week at Borough Hall (Source: Kathryn Kirk/Brooklyn BP's Office)

Local restaurants participated in the event’s launch and tasting last week at Borough Hall (Source: Kathryn Kirk/Brooklyn BP’s Office)

The 11th annual Dine in Brooklyn event is set to kick off next Monday, and with $25 prix fixe dinners offered at more than 150 restaurants across the borough, foodies can pack their pie-holes with cuisines from every part of one of the nation’s most culinary diverse counties.

Over eight days beginning next week, diners can get $15 lunch and $25 dinner deals at more than 150 restaurants. The exact dates blackout restaurants’ most busy days, but those willing to go for weekday food fun will find the deals at the restaurants from Monday, October 20, to Thursday, October 23, and again from Monday, October 27, to Thursday, October 30.

A mere $25 covers prix fixe dinner menus, and most of the restaurants will offer two-for-$15 lunch menus.

Organized by the Brooklyn Borough President’s office, the event is about exposing neighbors to their local restaurants and supporting one of the borough’s most prodigious industries.

“Dine In Brooklyn celebrates the five-star flavors that make Brooklyn a ‘must-taste’ destination,” said Borough President Eric Adams in a press release. “Our restaurants fuel our borough’s economic engine, and this event is an opportunity to support their continued growth while encouraging diners to discover – or rediscover – their favorite Brooklyn dish. Most importantly, Dine In Brooklyn fosters the connections and memories that make ‘One Brooklyn’ like no place else on the globe.”

The number of Southern Brooklyn restaurants participating in 2014 has swelled a great deal from years past, with dozens now on the list. Just a few of our favorites:

  • il Fornetto (Sheepshead Bay)
  • Mill Basin Deli (Mill Basin)
  • New Ruan’s Restaurant (Bensonhurst)
  • Clemente’s Maryland Crab House (Sheepshead Bay)
  • L&B Spumoni Gardens (Gravesend)
  • Oleandr Restaurant (Brighton Beach)
  • Theresa’s Place (Dyker Heights)
  • Anatolian Gyro (Sheepshead Bay)
  • Peggy O’Neill’s (Coney Island)
  • Mama Rao Cucina Italiana (Dyker Heights)
  • Buckley’s (Marine Park)

Really, though, that’s just a sliver of the long list of truly local restaurants offering the deal, many of which we hope to try. Check out the full list here.

Which restaurants do you hope to get a taste of during Dine in Brooklyn?

Source: Eater NY

Has anyone else seen Urban Spoon’s list of “The Best American Restaurants in Sheepshead Bay?” The restaurants are, in order:

  1. Brennan & Carr
  2. Paradise Garden
  3. T.G.I. Friday’s
  4. Buckley’s
  5. Cherry Hill Gourmet
  6. Applebee’s
  7. Restaurant Sabor Latino
  8. McDonald’s
  9. McDonald’s

Anyone else find it to be just a trifle… off?

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Valpak coupon envelope (Scanned image by Ray Johnson)

Valpak representative, Dave Rose, gave us the heads up that there is a coupon for a free roast beef sandwich at Roll-n-Roaster (2901 Emmons Avenue).

Judging from some of their past shenanigans, we wanted to see the coupon for ourselves before posting the information. Sure enough, the coupon is inside the latest Valpak Savings envelope. If you haven’t already thrown the envelope out unopened, you will be rewarded with a 40th anniversary free roast beef sandwich with no purchase necessary.

You won’t have much time to grab this sandwich, because although the last coupon had an expiration of one year (a typo, apparently*), this one expires on February 7, 2010. Plus, the coupon doesn’t say so (the website does) — but, they are only giving out 100,000 sandwiches for free. The language on the offer begs the question: to avoid suspicions about the propriety of this giveaway — how will RnR be keeping track of the the number of free sandwiches given away?

Correction as of 1/30/2010: Dave Rose has informed us that the coupon with an expiration of one year was not a typo. Apparently, it was our misunderstanding. We apologize for the mistaken assumption.

applebees veterans eat free

Applebee’s is honoring veterans and active duty military for Veterans Day by offering them a free lunch or dinner.

The Applebee’s website has pictures of the free meals available to those who show any of the following as proof of military service:

•    U.S. Uniform Services Identification Card
•    U.S. Uniform Services Retired Identification Card
•    Current Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)
•    Veterans Organization Card (i.e., American Legion and VFW)
•    Photograph in uniform
•    Wearing uniform
•    DD214
•    Citation or Commendation

The Sheepshead Bay Applebee’s is located at 2505 Emmons Avenue (near Bedford Avenue). Call the restaurant directly at (718) 769-4889, if you have any questions about the deal.

cappuccino on the bay dessert case 1

The new Cappuccino on the Bay cafe at the corner of Avenue Z and East 17 Street was clean and dimly lit enough for a private after-dinner snack and pick-me-up.

cappuccino on the bay apple pie 1
cappuccino on the bay coffee dessert 1

The barista-in-chief stood at attention behind the counter, ready to take our order when we walked in. But he made his way to relax at one of the cozy tables as we gleefully perused the elegant dessert display packed with cheesecakes, tarts, and pies.

Both the cappuccino and the coffee were fresh and tasty, a rare find for a quiet, late-night cafe, where final brews can sit for hours. The cappuccino was lukewarm, but with the frothy milk cap, I warmed up to it. Our drinks were accompanied by a slice of blueberry crumb cake, which was just crumbly enough on top, with a moist, blueberry-interspersed cake on the bottom.

As a quiet spot where you can go for an after dinner chat, Cappuccino On The Bay satisfies. It’s even worth a stopover once you’re finished watching a movie at the UA Sheepshead Bay theater. You and your dessert partner will be glad you chose this place over the few other sweet choices available.

Cappuccino On The Bay is open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. On the weekends, it usually stays open until about 12 a.m.

Sushi in Sheepshead Bay
(Photo courtesy of Alexandre Chang via Flickr)

To help you plan your weekend better, Sheepshead Bites is launching a new feature – the Restaurant Review Mania. Every Friday we’ll scour the web’s top business and restaurant review sites like Yelp and Citysearch to bring you the latest opinions posted about our local spots. Agree with one you see? Disagree with it? Let your fellow readers know in our comments sections.

Sheepshead Bay’s sushi scene got a few new followers – and brought back a few old ones – this week. First up was Steffi R., who had stopped visiting the half-price sushi joints under the persuasion of a stomach assaulting roll. But Momoyama (1901 Emmons Avenue) renewed her faith in Brooklyn sushi, and she says the Yaki Shrimp was totes not yucky. Meanwhile, Greg W. had been staging a Wheeler’s-inspired “No Sushi” protest in light of the “slew of Japanese joints … in stupid close proximity to one another.” But he violated his sushi strike with a weak-willed trip to Mitoushi (1714 Sheepshead Bay Road), and raves about the appetizers, special rolls and – yup – the prices. But he promises he’ll go back to solidarity with Wheelers. We’re not holding our breath. Lastly in the sushi vein, Aleksandr R. felt it was time to pay Yelp tribute to his favorite sushi spot, Yoshinoya (1741 Sheepshead Bay Road). He just loves that they remember his face, but he hasn’t realized it’s ’cause they can’t forget the crazy guilo who never orders anything new.

Elsewhere in restaurant review world:

Reviewer JJ K. from Ft. Lauderdale loved the outdoor service of “this Russki place,” XO Creperie (2027 Emmons Avenue). But he warns to stay away from the hookah “as they have no clue how to do it nor do they know that it should be cleaned, once in a while.” Eek.

Greg W. – perhaps the same one on strike from Wheeler’s – is “lukewarm on [Cafe] Istanbul” (1715 Emmons Avenue). There’s nothing wrong with it, he says, but there’s nothing great, either. We’re starting to get a little “lukewarm” on Greg.

Munchinette (1738 Sheepshead Bay Road) inspires Melinda P. to blab on about its freshness of ingredients. She thinks it’s a cut above the “assortment of bagel and sandwich shops” on Sheepshead Bay Road and Emmons Avenue and swears by the everything bagel with cream cheese, tomato and lox. She also says the salmon platters are “surprisingly delicious.”

bennys all u can eat 2009

For those of you living in a pasta-poor home — like the one our reader, Jim, grew up in — here’s an all-you-can-eat pasta night.

And if these are not the prices you would normally expect to pay for pasta, just remember that Benny’s Gourmet Pizza serves up Kosher food and you won’t have to travel to Midwood.

Your choice is to stay home and follow the recipe for Rich Pasta for the Poor Kitchen. But if you’re a “rotten cook” — also like Jim’s mom who had some difficulties in the kitchen — you can make your way over with an empty stomach to Benny’s, singing, “Pizza, Pasta, Salads & Wraps, Hoorah!”

Benny’s Gourmet
1730 Jerome Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11235
(corner of East 18th Street; between Ave Z & Voorhies Ave)
Tel: (347) 673-7340

New York Daily News featured our neighbors in Gravesend for its “Savings in…” column. While we may disagree with them calling “Gravesend … one of the last places in Brooklyn where you can find old-timers sitting at sidewalk tables, sipping espresso and shooting the breeze,” they noted some worthwhile businesses.

The article profiles neighborhood staples including one of our fave’s: L & B Spumoni Gardens (725 86th St.). It also caught A & S Pork Store (361 Avenue X), which has served Italian specialties for 43 years, and Pete’s Family Restaurant (311 Avenue X), which serves up cheeseburger deluxes for $7.70.

What Gravesend joints do you dig?

frog catching a flyWhy we all need to be just like Barack Obama for yet another reason: The man’s got some reflex! He’s able to hit and kill a moving fly as if his hand’s a frog’s tongue.

This particular move would have come in handy for me, recently when I visited Che — oops, no names — a certain new pre-prepared food/grocery store at 1901 Emmons Avenue to have lunch. There were so many flies hanging around that my friend and I got turned off and went to Del Mar, instead.

The doors were all open and it was a nice day out, but the flies seemed to like the food inside better than the junk food dog owners so nicely leave out on the streets for the flying guests.

It’s true that most of the pre-made food is displayed in the refrigerated glass cases — but, still, flies don’t seem to fit into the decor.

With all the controversy surrounding the place, management must have kept all the doors open to clear up any confusion for customers about whether or not they were open for business.

The goal here is not to ruin anyone’s ability to make millions. But, really, these guys are professionals, have built at least one other successful store, and know how to make it in business. The owners are tough enough to fight the city. Why not the flies?

So, like I mentioned a few months ago to the Ocean Avenue Bagel store: why not try some “Air Curtains & Air Doors”?

In the meantime, I’ll keep watching that video of Obama annihilating the fly. Maybe, I’ll catch some of his skill. Otherwise, I won’t be able to do the food review I know you’re all looking forward to reading.

If the store has since installed the air curtains, please let me know. I’d like to come out of this exile to try some stuffed cabbage.

(Image courtesy of Animation Library)

NBC’s Around Town dining and travel segment chose our neighbors in Brighton Beach to give viewers a quick primer in Russian food. The segment calls Brighton Beach “one of New York’s hottest food spots” and takes a look at food, dance clubs and spas run “by people straight from Russia … who lived there and know how to make it.”

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