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It’s the biggest political upset of the century! Despite not being a designated candidate, former Congressman Anthony Weiner won the special election for the 9th Congressional District… at least among write-in candidates. The New York City Board of Elections released the break-down of votes from the September 13 special election for New York’s 9th Congressional…


The special election is now over, and Republican Bob Turner bested Democrat David Weprin in what was originally expected to be an easy win for the party of donkeys. The writing was on the wall by the time 84 percent of districts had been counted: Turner had a relatively wide victory margin of 54 percent…


The audience at last night’s Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association received a surprise visit from Bob Turner, the GOP candidate for the 9th Congressional District, who stopped by just hours before polls were to open to deliver his “last political speech” before today’s special election. In an opening statement, Turner emphasized his endorsements from Democrats like…


Voters head to the polls today for the special election to decide the new representative for the 9th Congressional District – the seat vacated by Anthony Weiner. Not sure where you can vote? Registered voters can find their polling station using this online tool.


All of this was in my mailbox today. Just today. The candidates might not agree on Social Security, or the Ground Zero mosque, or corporate taxes, or, well, just about anything… except that they hate trees. And, perhaps, annoying their potential constituents. I guess they’re doing their best to keep the postal service busy. There’s…


The two candidates for the 9th Congressional District – the seat vacated by Anthony Weiner – made their cases before a packed auditorium last night amidst an audience of locals, activists and a smattering of heckling. Though largely focused on national issues, the town hall-style debate momentarily touched upon local topics, including infrastructure, community input…


Manhattan Beach Community Group is hosting a town hall-style candidates forum between the candidates in the special election to replace Anthony Weiner in Congress at 8 p.m. tonight. But not everybody has been paying attention to each minute detail of this race, so I’m going to introduce this election from the beginning. Hopefully by now you…


Just a reminder that tomorrow is one of the few opportunities local residents will have to meet, greet and ask questions of the two leading candidates for the 9th Congressional District, recently vacated by Anthony Weiner. It will be an orderly town hall-style evening, in which residents can pose questions of concern to the community…


The Manhattan Beach Community Group has scored a political coup (of sorts) in setting up a candidates night later this month. Republican candidate Bob Turner will face off against Democratic candidate David Weprin at a candidate’s Town Hall Candidate Night on August 31, allowing residents from across Southern Brooklyn to put their questions straight to the…

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