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BETWEEN THE LINES: Almost a century after the Scopes monkey trial, in which Tennessee high school science teacher John Scopes was found guilty of violating the state’s law against teaching evolution in public schools, the state recently demonstrated that it never learned a damn thing.

In a Christian fundamentalist campaign to impose their extremist religious beliefs on others, the Volunteer State passed a law to allow creationism to be discussed in science classes as a counter concept to evolution that favors the six-day explanation in the Old Testament.

One state senator, who opposed the bill, said the measure “simply dredges up the problems of our past with this bill that will affect our future.”

Critics, such as the ACLU and the state’s teachers union, said that contesting evolution “is miseducation and good teachers know that.”

The measure, which passed late in March by a 3-to-1 margin, protects public school teachers, who choose to teach creationism alongside evolution. However, the setback opens a Pandora’s Box that embraces the denial of other conventions, such as climate change, despite the vast amount of facts supporting it by an overwhelming majority of experts around the globe.

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