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A discrimination lawsuit against the principal of a Coney Island elementary school compares her to handsome sadist Christian Grey from the steamy trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey. The suit, filed by former assistant principal Andrew Dash, alleges that P.S. 370 principal Susan Goldberg shared nude photos with staff, showed off tattoos and piercings, and discussed her sexual encounters,…

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15 Several Bensonhurst and Brighton Beach healthcare professionals were indicted today following a massive undercover healthcare fraud investigation. The 199-count indictment, which names 23 defendants – including nine doctors – alleges they they lured “patients” from low-income neighborhoods, homeless shelters, and welfare offices to corrupt medical clinics for unnecessary tests with the promise of free footwear like sneakers,…

News & Features Mikhail Zemlyansky (Source: Facebook via Daily News)

One of the alleged ringleaders of the largest no-fault auto insurance fraud schemes ever busted, Mikhail Zemlyansky, was convicted last week on racketeering, conspiracy, securities fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud charges. Zemlyansky was convicted on March 19 for his role in the insurance fraud scheme, which bilked the insurers out of more than $100…

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