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Councilman Mike Nelson fired off two letters to Governor Andrew Cuomo asking for “licensed plumbers and electricians from other states to work in Hurricane Sandy Zone A Evacuation area buildings” and a grace period for “late payments from New York City residents to all bill collectors, including to credit card and mortgage companies.” These two…


Councilman Mike Nelson posted information on his Facebook page concerning the availability and distribution of free dry ice by Con Edison today for customers without power due to Hurricane Sandy. According to Nelson: “Con Edison will distribute dry ice at five locations starting at noon today to customers who are without power due to Hurricane Sandy. Distribution will continue until…


The New York Daily News released an in-depth analysis of the attendance records and bill creation frequency of Brooklyn’s local politicians, citing both high and low marks for several of Southern Brooklyn’s lawmakers. Those leading the charge of civic responsibility include Flatbush Councilman Jumaane Williams, who came in second overall in bill creation with 19, and…