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Our columnist, Neil Friedman, engages in some “armchair politics.” What armchair would be more appropriate than Archie Bunker’s? Source: ttarasiuk / Flickr

BETWEEN THE LINES: After watching portions of the Republican and Democratic conventions, here are some observations:

Now I can sleep soundly, knowing the incumbents, their opponents and their respective spouses are ensconced in lovey-dovey relationships. Not a vital issue, but we certainly don’t need another candidate like John Edwards.

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Swords are cool. The only thing more badass than a big, swingin’ sword is a big, swingin’ sword with a badass engraving. Cool. Badass. Swords…

… in Sheepshead Bay? Yup!

Chances are if you’re not Russian – or an expert on historic weaponry – then you’ve never heard of Zlatoust. But the city, sitting on the border between Europe and Asia, has been a regional capital for world-class metallurgy for more than 250 years. Now their goods are coming to Sheepshead Bay’s Rasputin restaurant, for a two-day expo starting this Friday.

An industrial ironworking town since its foundation in 1754, Zlatoust produced the first Russian steel blades in the early 19th century and the first cannons made from Russian steel. Artists emerged out of the industrial mills, led by pioneers like Ivan Bushuyev and Ivan Boyarshinov, who left a legacy of unique patterns engraved in cold steel. Bushuyev was well-known for his designs of winged horses, earning the name “Ivan the Wingy”, and eventually the town adopted the Pegasus as their emblem. Over two centuries, Zlatoust refined its image as a center of artistic engraving. Though early works primarily appeared on weapons, the practice spread during the Soviet era to metal plates, jewelry, tools, and any other surfaces those zany Zlatoustskys could get their tools on.

Golden World Business Group has invited the Lochtachev & Co. artist collective, Zlatoust’s largest arts studio, to exhibit and sell items in our own Little Odessa. More than 150 artists are showing an assortment of blades, clocks, decorative items, and religious works displaying traditional and contemporary Zlatoust styles. Lochtachev & Co.’s pieces are owned by Russian celebrities and newsmakers, including Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

Featured at the event are two unique works highlighted by organizers. “Crosses of Memory” was unveiled on the first anniversary of September 11. They are made in memory of the tragic events, showing how its effects were felt across the world. The Crosses, made from platinum, silver, and gold with sapphires, diamonds, and rubies, symbolize the Northern and the Southern Towers of the World Trade Center.

The other work is a replica completed in April 1997, commissioned by the “Highest benediction of Moscow and Russian Patriarch Alexey II.” It recreates the Tabernacle of Temple of Christ the Savior – a sacred object of the Orthodox church and a monument of the Patriotic War 1812. The original was destroyed in the 1930s, and Zlatoust artists have attempted a complete and accurate replica.

Interesting stuff, but, uh… Swords, people! Friggin’ swords!

(Flyer after the jump)

Golden World Business Group cordially invites you to attend Zlatoust’s Decorative ArtShow -2009. Please join us to celebrate 250 years of the Zlatoust City – famous for the unsurpassed style and unique tradtional Russian techniques used in the creation of its Russian weaponry, art and jewely. The show will exhibit highly-artistic works of decorative-applied art featured by workshop “Lochtachev and Co”. All products presented at the exhibition are unique and exclusive articles, collector’s items of modern decorative art. All items presented at the exhibition will be offered for sale during the exhibition and auctioned off on the final day of show.

Event Schedule:
October 16th, 11 A.M. – Reception and Exhibition
5 P.M. – Day exhibition ends
October 17th, 11 A.M. – Exhibition Continues

2 P.M. – Exhibition Auction

Event Location:
Restaurant Rasputin
2670 Coney Island Avenue
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11235

RSVP: Tel. 1-(800) 788-6106

Kingsborough Community College will be co-sponsoring, with the Department of Housing Preservation and Development of the City of New York, a FREE Healthy Homes/Healthy Families Expo.

The expo is a jam-packed event of workshops and exhibitors whose goal it is to educate the community  about the prevention and identification of home health hazards. City, state, and federal agency representatives will be on hand to show you how to do that in as efficient and low cost way as possible.

Here are some of the important details about the event, or check the attached flyers and program details for more information:

Healthy Homes/Healthy Families Expo

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Open all day – 9am-8pm

WHO IT’S FOR: Tenants/Residents Home owners  Health educators/teachers
Contractors  Realtors  Sellers and potential buyers

REGISTRATION:   FREE! But signing up in advance is appreciated.
Email: or
Phone: (718) 443-8574 ext. 282

LOCATION: 2001 Oriental Blvd. Brooklyn, NY 11201
MAC Rotunda, 2nd floor

DIRECTIONS: Bus B1 or 49 to last stop/KCC main entrance
Train Q or B train to Brighton Beach, transfer to B1 bus
(School is in session, so on-campus parking is limited during the day,
better in the evening)

Here’s the flyer [.pdf] and the program [.doc].