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KCC  (2001 Oriental Boulevard)

Like many institutions in Southern Brooklyn, Kingsborough Community College (2001 Oriental Boulevard), was wrecked by Superstorm Sandy last year. NY1 is reporting how the school has generally fared since the storm, tracking its recovery and progress in the wake of the disaster.

When the winds and waters of Sandy blasted through the area last year, the KCC Maritime Technology area located in Sheepshead Bay was left heavily damaged. While declaring that work still needed to be done, Merchant Marine Captain and Program Director Anthony DiLernia commented on the experience of trying to fix the school, and some of the remaining mess.

“We learned from the storm how to reconfigure our marina. Half the marina was destroyed by the storm,” DiLernia said.

The report noted how  the storm surge battered the campus, heavily damaging the infrastructure and buildings of the college. Despite the damage, the school reopened one week later. NY1 described how getting the school operating again ultimately helped in the recovery process for the faculty, staff and students working at the institution:

The school also went to bat for 2,500 students and faculty members impacted by the storm. Many lost their homes and belongings, including books and computers. The college set up an emergency food and clothing distribution center and started a fundraising campaign to further assist them.

“We were able to raise over $200,000 to provide financial support to these people who were in need,” [Elizabeth] Basile said. “Students can still come and request additional financial support and if it’s needed and we can provide that kind of support we will.”

In case you need a little reminder of what Sandy was like, here’s a video we ran, filmed on the school’s premises (by DiLernia, I believe) as the water came crashing through:

Despite all exhaustive and continuing recovery process, KCC still managed to rank among the best community colleges in the country. In March, we reported on Kingsborough ranking in the top four of community colleges nationwide by the Aspen Institute.

Photo by Erica Sherman

Kingsborough Community College (2001 Oriental Boulevard) continues to earn top honors, now ranked as one of the four best community college in the United States of America by the prestigious Aspen Institute.

The announcement follows our report last October,  when Kingsborough was named one of the best community colleges in the country at implementing modern technology.

The Aspen Institute ranked colleges by measuring the jobs found by students after graduation. On average, KCC grads earn annual salaries of $41,000 five years after finishing their studies.

KCC’s third place finish came with a $100,000 prize used to fund the school’s scholarship program.

Congrats to Kingsborough!

Source: TheFadedPast/Flickr

The “My Turn” program at Kingsborough Community College is offering a special program for New York residents, 60 years or older, who are interested in returning to college. Courses at the school, 2001 Oriental Boulevard in the Manhattan Beach, include art, music, history, health education, literature and more.

In person “My Turn” registration for the Fall 2011 semester is Thursday, September 1, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Room M108. On line registration begins at 3 p.m., Wednesday, August 31. Applications for the Fall 2011 semester must be completed and submitted to the My Turn office by Tuesday, August 16.

There is no tuition; however, a registration fee is required. For more, call 718-368-5079 or go to

If you’re one of those quirky, quasi-artistic types who opted to doodle in class rather than pay attention to what the teacher was saying, or perhaps you dropped out of school before getting your degree, because your head was always in the clouds, but you’ve matured (and focused) a little since then and desperately wish you could go back and do it over again the right way, well…

(…deep breath…)

…There’s hope for you yet.

Fortunately for us underachievers, and I am the worst of them, Kingsborough Community College (KCC) has been awarded a $1.8 million, four-year grant by the CEO and the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City to implement the “Young Adult Program” for young adults.

Read more about the program and how to apply.

Participants helped raised $31,127 in scholarship funds for Kingsborough Community College students during the school’s second annual walkathon last week.

The November 9 event drew more than 600 people, many dressed in costumes, for a 2.5-mile walk around Kingsborough’s waterfront campus.

It was the second time the school held the event, and they more than doubled the $15,000 raised last year, when they shattered their original goal of $4,000.

Photos courtesy of Kingsborough Community College.

View more photos.

A Kingsborough Culinary Arts student at work

If you’ve ever watched Hell’s Kitchen or Top Chef and said to yourself, “I wish that was me” – this is your chance to develop some real culinary skills for free!

It goes without saying that our economy is in a difficult time. With so many qualified applicants flooding the job market, younger and less experienced job applicants can find the search daunting. If you’re not currently employed or a full-time student, then the CUNY Young Adult Program has a wonderful opportunity for you to add to your skill set and open up a career path. The program is providing free Food Service/Culinary Arts training to eligible people at KBCC. The program is being advertised via Facebook and Craigslist in an apparent bid to appeal directly to 18- to 24-year-olds.

We told you about Kingsborough’s newly-launched Culinary Arts major back in May. The new kitchens, expert faculty and innovative program make this a bargain for young adults.

View the full advertisement and get more info

A student prepares hors d'oeuvres for the crowd

Melisa Carbajal’s relationship with Kingsborough Community College is coming around full circle. After finishing an Associates Degree program at the school in 2007, the student is returning to be a teacher. She’ll be one of a handful of chef-instructors in the school’s budding culinary arts program, where she’ll teach healthy cooking for cancer patients and survivors in a partnership with

“So many good things have happened,” Carbajal said in front of a crowd of about 100 people at Kingsborough last night. “I couldn’t have started in a better place than Kingsborough Community College.”

But had it been a few years earlier, Carbajal never would have had the opportunity.

The group Carbajal spoke to was celebrating the launch of the Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts, the latest – and biggest – step towards maturing a program that was only born in 2001.

Keep reading to learn more about Kingsborough Culinary Arts program’s development

Kingsborough Community College's Mascot, The Wave

In a short address to the crowd gathering in Kingsborough Community College’s gymnasium yesterday, President Regina Peruggi spoke about the placement of the word “community” within the school’s official title. It may have fallen upon deaf ears in the buzzing crowd, but the brief speech before KBCC’s first annual Strive to Provide Walkathon set the pace for the afternoon.

More than 600 students, staff, and faculty gathered to participate in this initial foray into scholarship fundraising, racking up $15,000 for student scholarships. Clearly, attendees gave good reason for the placement of the word “Community” in between “Kingsborough” and “College”, blowing away the initial goal of raising only $4000.

The “Rocky” theme echoed through the gym as everyone gathered to warm up. Despite the overcast day, the weather held and the 48 teams marched on. Team captains hoisted their signs high in the air as KBCC students cheered and encouraged the walkers along the path. Starting within the gym and following the seawall lining Jamaica Bay, walkers marched along the perimeter of the campus not once, but twice, before regrouping in the gym for refreshments, prizes and affirmation from KBCC’s cheerleaders. All the while, KBCC mascot, “The Wave” raced around shouting, “You can do it!” and “Keep going!”

Local businesses, such as Tasty Bagel, Maria’s Restaurant, and Kingsborough’s favorite just-round-the-corner joint Pizza Boulevard, provided door prizes to groups that had raised the most money. The big winners of the day, for both best costume and name, were Milano’s Cookies (donning chef hats and white jackets), led by faculty member Frank Milano. The Buildings and Grounds team, dressed as bees, came in with a close second. They weren’t stung by second place – they received the same prize because it was simply too hard to decide who had the better threads.

Keeping with the spirit of Kingsborough’s generosity, nobody walked home empty-handed. T-shirts and mugs were distributed to some participants while one lucky walker went home with a brand new TV, funded by a separate raffle – 100 percent of yesterday’s walkathon proceeds went directly to fund student scholarships. Every participant walked home with their very own gold medal.

Without the support of such a proactive and lively community, there would be no Kingsborough – and yesterday’s success continues to prove just the worth – beyond mere finance – of our Harvard by the Bay.

William Butler Yeats once said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” While Kingsborough Community College may be located on a beautiful beach, this Tuesday, November 10, will ignite fireworks as opposed to pack pails of sand.

KBCC is hosting their first annual “Strive To Provide” Walkathon; with 100 percent of the proceeds funding much-needed student scholarships. The 2.5 mile walk will take place along KBCC’s sea wall during club hours, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Southern Brooklyn’s self-proclaimed Harvard by the Bay, KBCC has asked for a paltry donation of $10 per walker. Over 500 students, staff, and faculty have already signed up to participate, shattering the initial goal of raising $4000. To participate, please call 718-368-5666.

During a time of recession combined with the increased rate of dropouts, the financial need is there – Kingsborough is striving – let’s see if the community provides.

87893318BB041_Dr_Jill_Biden 1

Dr. Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joseph Biden, visited Kingsborough Community College to wish the 2009 graduates success and best in their future.

Dr. Biden is a highly accomplished educator of 28 years, having earned her Doctorate in Education from the University of Delaware. Today, she was awarded an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from officials at the City University of New York.

In her keynote address, she congratulated the students and spoke about her career-long commitment to higher education and community colleges.

During her speech, she singled out three special graduates who overcame tough circumstances to fulfill their educational dreams. One of those graduates she mentioned, Guyanese native Jacqueline Carter-Cutting, was highlighted in an article in today’s New York Daily News.

Ms. Carter-Cutting told the Daily News that she “fell in love” with New York after September 11, and decided to emigrate here from Guyana. With her degree in nursing, she is planning on helping U.S. soldiers injured on the front lines. Both she and her daughter, Sharika Carter, were awarded their diplomas in today’s graduation ceremony.

Dr. Biden seemed to bring the sunshine in with her beaming smile and optimistic outlook, since the day started with rain and clouds that simply dissipated as she entered the stage.

Her speech brought roars from the crowd, as she told the graduating students,”You inspire me”. But, the roars completely drowned out her words when she said the name of our new President, Barack Obama, and told the crowd that “the President’s goal is to once again, have the highest proportion of college graduates by the year 2020.”

Her speech showed how inspired she is by community college students. She gave back some of that inspiration to the graduates in her closing remarks. Dr. Biden advised the graduates to share some of this inspiration with others they know:

Always see in others what they are capable of becoming. See it. Pass it on. You need to inspire them. Show them the good that can come from a great education. Show them what they’re capable of. Show them above all else, that they can do it, too.

Everyone who heard Mrs. Biden appeared uplifted and we wouldn’t be surprised if applications to Kingsborough Community College grow a thousand fold — and not because of the private beach.

(Photo courtesy of Bobby Bank)