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Announcements PS 195. Source: Google Maps

How are members of a local community board selected and how do their decisions affect your neighborhood? These are some of the questions Community Board 15’s chairman emeritus Maurice Kolodin will be going over at tonight’s meeting for the Manhattan Beach Community Group. The event will take place at 7:30pm in the auditorium of P.S. 195, located…

Announcements Members of Community Board 15 voted unanimously to oppose the Mayor's zoning plan.

Residents are invited to raise issues and concerns about their neighborhood during Community Board 15’s monthly general meeting Tuesday night. The meeting will take place at 7pm inside the Faculty Dining Room (U112) at Kingsborough Community College, located at Oxford Street an Oriental Boulevard in Manhattan Beach. Among other issues, the board will consider a…

News Members of Community Board 15 voted unanimously to oppose the Mayor's zoning plan.

Citing concerns that overdevelopment could rub out the character of their neighborhoods, members of Community Board 15 on Tuesday voted unanimously to reject the Mayor’s zoning proposals for Sheepshead Bay, Gerritsen, and Manhattan Beach. Several of the board members acknowledged the importance of the zoning plan’s core goal, to create more affordable housing, but hosed the proposals…

News Community Board 15. (Photo: Alex Ellefson / Sheepshead Bites)

Members of Community Board 15 voted overwhelmingly Tuesday night to reject Mayor Bill De Blasio’s zoning proposal — citing concerns that the plan would fundamentally alter the character of the neighborhood and make parking spaces more scarce. The board voted 17 to 1 against the mayor’s zoning plan, following a presentation by the Department of City Planning…

News Coyle Street (Photo by Bob De Thomas)

Mayor Bill De Blasio’s affordable housing initiative is coming to Sheepshead Bay — and some community leaders worry the plan could cause a parking nightmare in the neighborhood. On Tuesday, October 13, officials from the Department of City Planning (DCP) will present a set of zoning proposals to Community Board 15, which are intended to encourage…

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