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Kings County Divers Corp. at 2417 Avenue U is closed for good after 40 years of serving the Sheepshead Bay diving community.

According to the business’ website, the store closed for good on February 28 following a clearance sale.

“Your continued patronage to our company has been truly appreciated, and we are so grateful for having the privilege of satisfying your needs as our loyal customer. We do understand that the closing of Kings County Divers may be an inconvenience,” owner Mia Interrante wrote in the statement.

No reason for the closure was given. A Kings County Divers Alumni Association was launched on Facebook to keep the business’ diving community intact.

Good luck to the owners on their future endeavors.

Jeez, that’s a rough headline. Still, after being open only a few months, it looks like the owners of Butcher Boy Meats have decided to call it quits on the 2309 Avenue Z storefront. We think Butcher Man Meats would’ve lasted at least a year, but, then again, we think having the word combo of “Man Meats” in your store name might be a bad move…

Jaspers Hair Salon Closes In Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

Tomorrow marks the closing of another longtime Sheepshead Bay business: Jasper’s Hair Salon on Avenue U near Ocean Avenue. The stylist is closing shop after more than 55 years (some say 65) in the community. Fare thee well, Jasper.

(Photo and tip courtesy of Lisanne Anderson)