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Grady High School (Source:

William E. Grady High School  is one of 33 schools slated to lose half of its staff as Mayor Michael Bloomberg pushes reforms of “persistently low-achieving” schools throughout the city. But Grady is hardly “persistently low-achieving,” having jumped from a D last year to a B this year in the Department of Education’s annual Progress Reports.

That’s got teachers and administrators at the school crying foul, after having already been forced to make major changes less than a year ago.

“The reaction at the school is anger, because we have been evaluated since we got put into the transformation model last September. Everyone who has walked through the door – whether from the state or the city – was praising it and giving it high marks…and, yet, Grady is closing,” Chris Manos, a teacher of automechanics and Grady’s UFT Chapter leader, told Sheepshead Bites. “Why is the mayor doing this? And the real reason is that it’s just a political ploy. [The mayor is] angry because the evaluation system didnt pass through the union so they’re trying to break the union by hurting the schools and the students.”

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