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We told you about Chila Lati’s case earlier this month, in which she stood accused of attacking a traffic agent. Lati claimed she was at her local Yeshiva at the time, and that the charges were for another Chila Lati. Turns out, her case came together pretty well – Lati was cleared of all charges yesterday. Meanwhile, prosecutors have a mouthful of feet, as they try to figure out how they went forward with a case that made no sense to begin with. Also, we’re pretty sure the traffic agent will be awarded a medal for superior competence since, well, that’s how it works with traffic agents, isn’t it?

Courtesy of Daily News

Ever wished you had a twin you could blame your evil deeds on? Chila Lati’s got the next best thing. According to the local mom, it wasn’t she who ran over a traffic agent’s foot outside of a Sheepshead Bay pharmacy back in January, it was a relative with the same name.

Lati’s attempts to clear her name were foiled on Thursday, when prosecutors asked that her trial be postponed until June. “I’m so disappointed,” Lati told the Daily News. “I thought they would just drop the case. Now we have to come back again.”

After wrapping up at an Avenue U drug store, prosecutors say Lati attacked a traffic agent. The agent picked her out of a lineup after detectives tracked her down through the pharmacy. But photos taken in a yeshiva in a different neighborhood 18 minutes before the “assault” prove she’s innocent, according to Lati’s lawyers. Not to mention the prescription is for another Chila Lati, a relative with the same, you know, really common name.