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Chase Bank at 1500 Coney Island Ave (Source: Google Maps)

Chase Bank at 2500 Coney Island Ave (Source: Google Maps)

A 7,200-square-foot retail property, currently home to a Chase Bank and cellphone repair store, has sold to new owners for $5.425 million.

The property sits at 2500 Coney Island Avenue, on the corner of Avenue V. It’s a two-story building with a 12,000 square foot parking lot.

The owners could choose to redevelop the site, building taller while staying within zoning laws, but the Observer, which reported on the deal, notes that it is “unlikely.”

The new owner is Francman Realty LLC, a New Jersey-based company.

Source: Eric Houser via Flickr

Still waiting for your Superstorm Sandy insurance check? It might be at the bank. Apparently, major banks have about $41 million worth of Sandy insurance money, but aren’t releasing any of it until they are sure that the money will be spent on repairs, according to a report in the New York Daily News.

The bank taking the most time in issuing insurance money is Selene Finance of Texas. They haven’t issued 71 percent of their Sandy insurance checks. Other offending banks making the list are Capital One, Nationstar, Astoria Federal and Select Portfolio.

Homeowners looking for an ally in this fight to against the delinquent banks have a big one in Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“Some banks have continued to lag especially far behind the rest, and it’s well past time for them to pick up the pace,” Governor Cuomo said, according to the Daily News.

The biggest banks (Citi, Chase, Bank of America) have done a decent job of paying out the much needed insurance money, paying out 89 percent of what is owed.

Here is a list of the 10 slowest banks and how much money they are still holding back.

1. Selene Finance, $1.87 million (71%)

2. Select Portfolio, $4.86 million (56%)

3. Astoria Federal, $3.67 million (48%)

4. Capital One, $3.7 million (45%)

5. Nationstar Mortgage, $6 million (44%)

6. Flagstar, $2.9 million (42%)

7. Specialized Loan, $1.37 million (41%)

8. OneWest Bank, $14.3 million (39%)

9. Sun Trust Mortgage, $712,884 (39%)

10. Mid-Island Mortgage, $1.25 million (38%)

Do you use any of these banks and are still waiting for your insurance check to be approved ? Let us know about it.

Brighton Neighborhood Association Executive Director Pat Singer, left, and her staff (not pictured) have returned to their office at the Chase Bank in Brighton Beach following Superstorm Sandy. Photo by Erica Sherman

After being displaced and working from remote locations to serve their community in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, our friends at the Brighton Neighborhood Association (BNA) are back!

The social services and tenant advocacy organization officially re-opened for business today in its location at the Chase Bank, 1002 Brighton Beach Avenue on the corner of Coney Island Avenue.

Displaced from her own Brighton Beach apartment in the weeks following Sandy, BNA’s Executive Director, Pat Singer, as well as staff members Janet Veksler and Claudia Escoto, continued to reach out to the community in its time of need.

To learn more about the BNA and the work they do for the community, contact Singer at (718) 891-0800, visit, and “Like” BNA on Facebook.

Correction (12/18/2012): The original version of this article indicated that the BNA coordinated with Shorefront Y on Sandy relief. Shorefront Y has notified us that this was erroneous, and we have updated the article. We regret any confusion this may have caused.

The Brighton Neighborhood Association is inviting people to an instructional event tomorrow morning, September 29 at 10:00 a.m., which will educate people on how to use the new voting machines as well as how to protect the privacy of their vote.

Items and topics to be covered will include:

  • How to vote with the new system
  • How to protect your privacy
  • What to do if your name cannot be found on the registration list
  • Register to vote if you are not already registered

The event will be taking place at BNA’s office inside the Chase Bank, 1002 Brighton Beach Avenue on the corner of Coney Island Avenue. Light refreshments will be served.

To learn more, contact BNA Executive Director Pat Singer at (718) 891-0800.

Source: mRio / Flickr

A health educator from Coney Island Hospital will visit the Brighton Neighborhood Association (BNA), May 11 at 11:00 a.m. to discuss “Women’s Health” at the civic group’s headquarters, 1002 Brighton Beach Avenue, corner of Coney Island Avenue (inside Chase Bank).

Questions and concerns on women’s health issues will be addressed during the talk, including learning how to receive medical treatment if you do not have health insurance. The event will also feature a free raffle.

To learn more about this and any upcoming BNA events, contact Pat Singer at (718) 891-0800, visit, and “Like” BNA on Facebook.

Photos from Hippolite's Facebook page, via

You know how there’s always a guy in every heist movie that chides his newbie partner for spending excessively after committing the crime? You know, the calm, experienced guy, perhaps played by George Clooney, who slaps his partner upside the head for not keeping a low profile?

Well, 23-year-old Jesse Hippolite really could’ve used a George Clooney in his life.

Instead, the man allegedly responsible for a string of bank robberies around New York City – including several in our area – boasted of his exploits on Facebook, even changing his online alias to that of one of history’s most infamous stickup artists.

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Shards of glass and metal litter the sidewalk on East 16th Street near Sheepshead Bay Road, after an unlicensed driver lost control of his vehicle and plowed into the window of a Chase Bank.

Find out more and see photos from the accident.

The sign Chase management placed on the door after the robbery attempt. (Photo by Ilan P.)

The Chase Bank on Kings Highway and East 16th Street was robbed today, and as this report goes to press our tipster tells us that the entire area around the bank is in chaos.

The robbery happened within the last hour, and traffic is at a near standstill as the police have declared a Level 1 response. Detectives, ESU, FDNY and other units are on the scene, apparently in pursuit of the suspect.

Our tipster tells us that as he went to make a deposit a teller told him that she had just been robbed. During the robbery she managed to press the emergency button behind the counter.

The suspect is believed to have fled towards Ocean Avenue. He is described as a black male with black leather jacket and grey scarf.

We are unaware if a weapon was displayed.