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City Councilman Chaim Deutsch is inviting the community to take part in a neighborhood cleanup on Sunday to clear out debris in catch basins that cause flooding during heavy rain. “When catch basins get clogged with leaves and debris, it severely impedes the draining of water, creating ponding and overflow conditions. I invite community members…

Business Commissioner Julie Menin addresses the audience.

Department of Consumer Affairs Commissioner Julie Menin spoke to a packed gymnasium at Brighton Beach’s Shorefront Y on Wednesday evening, where she outlined the city’s effort to reduce the burden of onerous fines on small business owners. Menin described a number of reforms implemented by Consumer Affairs since she was appointed commissioner last year. Among them:…

Business A collection of stores near the intersection of East 16th Street and Sheepshead Bay Road.

City Councilman Chaim Deutsch is looking to clean up his district’s commercial centers and make them more hospitable to both store owners and shoppers. Deutsch is behind several initiatives, mostly centered around Sheepshead Bay Road, that will increase the police presence in the area, clean up trash, and lift some of the burdensome fines and penalties the…

Transportation 19th avenue road work

Pesky potholes, be gone! Numerous crater-pocked streets throughout Bensonhurst, Gravesend, Borough Park, and Coney Island will be touched up this summer, announced City Council members Mark Treyger and David Greenfield this week. Treyger and Greenfield worked closely with Brooklyn Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioner Keith Bray to identify the streets across the 44th and 47th Districts that…

News Chaim Deutsch standing next to his constituents.

Southern Brooklynite Ariel Lichtik said he’s been living without a permanent residence ever since Hurricane Sandy destroyed his parent’s Mill Basin home. Forced to bounce from one friend to another since the storm, Lichtik said the uncertainty has made it difficult for him to hold a job, and he’s been living off piecemeal commission work when he can find it.…

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