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One contractor on the scene said hair salon. Another said barber. We’ll just say tonsorial artist.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s coming soon to 1618 Sheepshead Bay Road. Contractors have been working on the site for a few weeks, and, today, it looks like the storefront windows are just about ready to go.

The location was, until recently, a Quintex Wireless location, an authorized T-Mobile dealer. In fact, we think this was one of the very first cell phone and beeper (remember beepers?!) businesses on Sheepshead Bay Road.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Signs have gone up showing that a MetroPCS location will soon open at 1419 Sheepshead Bay Road, the former storefront of Alfa Vision, which moved to the corner at least a year ago.

The problem is that there already is a MetroPCS at 1710 Sheepshead Bay Road, and they don’t appear to be affiliated. We stopped in to ask when the move would be complete, and the counter-person was unaware that another location was opening up just two blocks away.

We’ve always joked about the inexplicably high number of cell phone stores along the road, but having two different franchisees selling the same phones on the same service with the same plans just seems a little bizarre. It’s like the local version of Manhattan’s Starbucks-on-every-corner fiasco.

That’s it… I’m offering investment funds for a stake in the soon-to-arrive cellphone-sushi-pharmacy storefront that’s bound to open up. I don’t know why, but I’m sure it’ll make a killing.

On an unrelated note, this is Sheepshead Bites’ 3,000th post!

The new Boost Mobile at 1505 Sheepshead Bay Road opened up earlier this week. They’re still waiting on a sign to be installed, but business is up and running.

We’ve all seen the ads that are – literally – everywhere, so I don’t need to tell you what Boost is or how they differ from other cell phone companies.

This particular Boost is owned by Craig Shulman. , who also owns the Boost Mobile at 3703 Nostrand Avenue (off of Avenue X).

It was previously an independent retailer of several phone services including Boost and Sprint, and closed in October.
Correction: Shulman has no affiliation with the Nostrand Avenue Boost Mobile. We regret any confusion the error may have caused.

It’s not sleigh-bells ringing this holiday season, but cell phones!

One of the most important things to have in the modern day is a phone. Yet with unemployment on the rise, many are finding it difficult to meet their monthly payments.

Well, as of December 14 that won’t be an issue anymore, thanks to State Senator Carl Kruger. He’s launching The Assurance Wireless Program (TAWP) which will provide qualified applicants with 200 minutes a month of free phone time from Virgin Mobil/Sprint. Those minutes come with no strings attached. No contract, no fees. Pretty nice deal if you ask us.

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Kingsborough Community College is the latest collection point to be part of Verizon Wireless’s UHopeLine, and the mobile company donated $1,000 to the school’s women’s center to help protect women from violence.

UHopeLine is a cell phone recycling program that accepts wireless devices and accessories in any condition, from any wireless service provider, and then refurbishes or recycles them in an environmentally sound way. Proceeds of the UHopeline program benefit local domestic violence survivors in the form of wireless phones with service and cash grants to domestic violence advocacy groups working to end domestic violence. Continue Reading »

Cell Phone Store on Sheepshead Bay Road Shuttered

The cellphone store at 1505 Sheepshead Bay Road slapped up a “For Rent” sign this Monday. There still appeared to be a few things inside, but posters were torn down. I noticed because I saw them a few feet away, lying in the public garbage can under the Sheepshead Bay Train Station overpass. I bet if you go now, you may still see the Boost Mobile signs spilling out onto the sidewalk. But the closure makes me wonder: has Sheepshead Bay finally hit its saturation point for cellphone stores? I don’t know, but this is one down, and 54,682,786,023 more to go. Oh, and no, that guy has nothing to do with it. He was just waiting for the bus.

Cell Phone Store on Ave U in Sheepshead Bay

A new cellphone store – Avenue U Wireless – has opened on the corner of Avenue U and East 24th Street. The momentous event gives cause to worry: the influx of wireless stores in Sheepshead Bay may soon hit a tipping point, throwing the Earth’s geodynamo into whack and spurring Aaron Eckhardt and Hilary Swank to save the world once again.