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The dirt keeps piling up on the doorstep of embattled State Senator John Sampson. The latest accusation, revealed in a New York Daily News report, details how Sampson charged a $10,000 retainer fee to businessmen who were trying to secure land deals. Sampson, who represents parts of Sheepshead Bay, is currently embroiled in a bribery…

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While it seems that every major American city has its own brand of political corruption, New York’s scandal plagued politicians are marked by the high cost their misdeeds inflict on taxpayers. The New York Post is reporting that the accumulated cost of all the illegal and unethical actions of dirty politicians have cost taxpayers at…

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Prosecutors have filed papers to restrain approximately 40 bank accounts operated by Michael Levitis or those connected to him, and have moved to seize two Manhattan Beach properties in order to preserve funds for victims of his alleged fraud, according to statements by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara. According to the indictment, investigators have identified several bank accounts…

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When you give a politician your money, how they spend it is out of your hands. Most of the time the money goes towards the extremely expensive cycle of campaigning. But, sometimes, when politicians find themselves in hot water, either fighting off ethical or criminal charges, they dip into their campaign reserves to pay off their expensive…

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Longtime lobbyist Richard Lipsky, who pleaded guilty to bribing ex-State Senator Carl Kruger, has been busy sharing his secrets with federal prosecutors, according to court papers released yesterday and first reported by the Daily News. Acting in full cooperation with with the feds, Lipsky hopes his actions will result in leniency when Federal Judge Jed Rakoff announces…

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